Dental Care for Kids

Vita Dental is here to provide a customer-focused experience, and in dentistry that means a big emphasis on the family.

Children need healthy parents as much as they need healthy teeth from a dentist. So our care approach is for the whole family, not just one case patient. By creating a comprehensive care location with all the services needed in one place, we make your dental visit efficient and effective with every appointment.

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How Often Should Children Have Dental Checkups?

The ADA advises parents to schedule dental appointments twice a year for most children. Six months after your child’s first tooth comes in, schedule an appointment with us for their initial dental exam.

These regular visits allows our dentists to monitor new developments in the child’s teeth and jaw. The adolescent mouth is ever growing and it is ideal to evaluate changes in the condition of teeth and gums and continue to advise parents and children on good oral care strategies.

My child is probably going to need Invisalign. Do you have information on finance plans that can help with the cost?

While Vita Dental does not manage dental credit accounts per se, we work with all the major insurance companies and specific third party credit parties to help manage the cost of significant dental work like Invisalign. We can help you learn all the options available and how to best manage the cost of significant dental work, including split-costing between co-payments and third party payments.

Vita dental Katy offering affordable dental care services for Kids. Get online appointment with kid’s dental specialist or visit today for children first dental checkup.