Invisalign & Braces

Among a number of treatments covered, braces tend to be the most common Invisalign & Braces procedure, focused on the straightening of teeth, either in childhood or as an adult.

Vita Dental is a new dentistry service with three experienced doctors in dentistry who have all worked in big dental organizations to build their skill sets, but now they are interested in providing patients a personal dental office with a primary focus on the customer experience.

Positioned closed to homes and residential areas, Vita Dental prides itself as a dental office for the whole family with comprehensive procedures and resources. Unlike many dental offices who outsource complicated work or send it to specialist referrals, Vita’s doctors perform their treatment onsight, including orthodontic needs at affordable price.

Orthodontic services that Vita Dental can provide its customers include the following:

Cosmetic bracess system

6 Month Smile Program

The 6 Month Smile program is an accelerated braces program that has an immediate effect on day one of the application. As the name states, by six months this process will definitely straighten out front teeth patterns.

The Clear Alternative to braces

Invisalign Braces

If you feel you need braces but you’re not in a situation where their visibility would be allowable, or you just don’t want to deal with the standard braces design, then Invisalign may very well be the braces system for you. Designed to align teeth discretely, this system is ideal where the standard braces are not doable.

Braces for Children and Teens

Kids’ teeth grow will all sorts of patterns, needing to be straightened out while they are young to provide a presentable appearance in adulthood. Particularly after their adult teeth are in place, kids’ braces can quickly realign their teeth and give children and teens new control over the longterm health of their teeth.

Retainers, Appliances, and Headgear

Vita Dental carries a fully supply of specialty dental equipment which can be applied without delay upon diagnosis of the need. There’s no reason why a patient has to cobble a treatment with equipment between different offices. With Vita Dental in charge, all of patient’s need are handled adequately.

Adult Invisalign & Braces aren’t just for kids.

If you ever felt that you would change your teeth and straighten them out given the chance, then now’s the time to talk to Vita. Our dentists can apply and provide braces treatment for adults just as well as for kids.

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