Wisdom Teeth Removal – Top 5 Tips in Spring Texas

Wisdom Teeth Removal – Top 5 Tips in Spring Texas

Wisdom teeth extraction has become quite common these days. However, that does not mean you should take the recovery lightly. When the time comes to get the wisdom tooth extracted, you want to be sure that you pick the right dental clinic. If you are in Houston, we at Vita Dental Houston have some experienced doctors and fine facilities that can do the extraction. Before coming to our offices for the extraction, here are a few tips that we have for you.

Take proper care of your mouth after the extraction

Immediately after the surgery, limit your eating. Besides that, you must ensure that you rest for the rest of the day. This will ensure that chewing food will not dislodge the blood clot forming over the healing wound. Besides that, to avoid agitating the wound, do not rinse too vigorously or use straws to take fluids.

Other measures you should take include too much exercise as the body heals. Besides that, do not smoke or spit too much. This is especially so if there is any bleeding. After about half a day, you can rinse the mouth gently with some diluted mouthwash. Besides that, a salt-water rinse is also important. You may also brush your teeth. However, avoid brushing the area of surgery as much as possible.

Plan ahead for the surgery

Before the surgery, you should have a plan in place. Hold discussions with the dental surgeon about what will happen. He or she will give a list of guidelines that you can follow related to the extraction. Ensure that you go through the list. If you have any questions, be sure to speak to the dentist.

Ensure that the surgery is scheduled on a day when you have a day or two off. Preferably, schedule it just before the weekend. In most cases, you will need someone to drive you home since a powerful sedative may be used for the surgery. In some cases, you may need to have someone with you for the rest of the day as you recover from surgery. In such a state, it might be dangerous to even operate a gas cooker.

Pick your diet

After the bleeding has ended, drink lots of lukewarm fluids to keep you hydrated. Besides that, ensure that you eat regular and healthy meals. However, you should start with soft foods as the wound heals.

For instance, you can consume foods that have been liquefied in a blender. However, you must avoid carbonated drinks at all times. Besides that, avoid crunchy foods such as peanuts, popcorn, and pasta. These foods will all leave particles in your sockets, which can lead to an infection. If you are unsure of what meals to eat, check with your dentist.

Manage the swelling

After dental surgery, some level of swelling is expected. You can expect swelling around the eyes, cheeks, mouth, and the side of the face. This is the body repairing itself. The swelling will start a day after the surgery and end after about three days.

However, if it does go on longer than that, it could keep you from attending an important meeting or giving a speech. To avoid this, you can use ice packs. Place two baggies filled with ice on the side of the face where surgery was performed. You should apply the ice packs for as long as you can while you are awake.

If after a day or two the swelling and stiffness has not dissipated, do not panic. This normal reaction occurs after surgery. Do not start calling your dentist or frantically rushing to your dentist. It is especially so if it is not accompanied by an excruciating pain. The swelling will have disappeared in a week. However, the area may still be a bit tender.

Take your medication

After the surgery, you will be issued some medication to help you recover. While your body can fight off some of the bacteria, the antibiotics give it a boost. Besides being antibacterial, the medication will also contain anti-inflammatory properties. This will ensure that the swelling goes down as soon as possible.

As you leave the doctor’s office, you will also be given some pain medication. In general, if you are not feeling any pain, you do not need to take all the pain medication. However, ensure that you take all the antibiotics you are issued. This will reduce the chances of you becoming resistant to certain medication.


After the surgery, your mouth may feel a bit stiff, it is important that you remember to do some basic opening and closing of the mouth. Otherwise, the stiffness can actually persist. You might end up needing assistance on how to use your mouth normally again. With these few tips, your next wisdom tooth extraction should be a breeze. If you live in Houston, you can visit us at Vita Dental Houston to have the extraction performed.