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Will Orthodontist remove Braces Early?

Will orthodontist remove braces early? This is a question that most orthodontic patients ask us here at Vita Dental Spring. Effective as they are in straightening teeth, braces are far from the most comfortable thing to walk around in. As such, it doesn’t come as a surprise to us that people with these braces often ask their orthodontists to remove them before the stipulated time elapses. The big question though is will orthodontist remove braces early?

Will orthodontist remove braces early?

Yes, in the event that you request that the dental practitioner evacuates your braces early, they will have you sign an agreement form which makes you aware about the repercussions of getting the braces early.

Before doing so though, your orthodontist will seek to know the reasons behind the need to remove the braces early and why you can’t wait to endure the entire period for the braces to complete the intended orthodontic treatment. Once the orthodontist has a good enough reason to get rid of the braces, then he or she will have to make the patient aware of the consequences of removing the braces before he or she can go ahead with the process.

Any revered and experienced orthodontist will warn you against getting your braces removed early because they know all too well about the consequences of doing so. Here is a look at some of the ramifications of getting your braces removed early and why you should not look to get them removed until you treatment is complete;

Reasons why you shouldn’t want to get your braces removed early

Reforming of teeth

If braces are removed before the stipulated time elapses, then chances are high that the teeth will reform back to the original undesired position. If anything, the teeth will move back and will take up positions which are worse than the original positions because the braces have already interfered with the bone anchoring the teeth.

Wastage of funds

Why would anyone want to pay thousands of dollars to get expensive braces and then chicken out before the braces complete the treatment? It is not the best economical move and with this tough times, it is not the best thing to waste funds by prematurely removing braces.

Wastage of time

Getting your braces removed before they can complete their expected treatment, will be waste of both your time and that of your orthodontist. The time spent getting the braces and the numerous appointments could have been used elsewhere.

If you really care about your health as well as dental hygiene, it is a good idea to try to complete the treatment, instead of opting for early brace removal. The better results got increases the chances of your teeth looking nicer and staying straighter for a very long time.

Clients who usually opt for early brace removal return in months or years, wanting the braces to be re-fitted. This may be possible but, in some cases, you will have to pay a certain fee so as the treatment process can be restarted. This is blatant wastage of money.

Having noted that removing of your braces early is a waste of money and time, it is imperative to acknowledge that sometimes orthodontists are left with no option but to remove braces for the sake of the patient’s wellbeing. Here are some scenarios when orthodontists have to prematurely get rid of dental braces;

Wrongly fitted braces

If an orthodontist deems that braces were not properly fitted, he/she can choose to remove the braces early and refit them again. These circumstances are rare though and unless you visit some rogue orthodontists this cannot happen to you.

Health complications

If braces are causing any health complications to you, then your orthodontist might have to remove your braces early before the treatment period elapses. Some people have trouble with their gums when they get braces and this inflicts a lot of pain to them. Some people have very weak anchoring bones and braces can cause massive problems especially if they are tight.

If the teeth have healed before the expected period

Sometimes, braces finish their jobs before the anticipated period elapses. Braces are expected to last about a year or a year and a half but sometimes they can get the job done in just 8 or 10 months and if this happens, then the orthodontist can remove the braces early and offer retainers.

Whatever the cause of the premature removal of braces might be, you orthodontist will always suggest that you get retainers to try and prevent the reforming of your teeth back to the original positions.

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