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My orthodontist will get mad if I……..? This is question that we often have to answer in our emails because hundreds of our orthodontic clients email us asking to know the things which might anger our otherwise ever smiling orthodontists. To find out, we talked to one of our own Dr. Jisoo Shin, DDS to know what it is that irks them. Here is what Jisoo had to say;

For starters, orthodontists don’t get mad or angry per se, when you do any of the following things. They however are bothered and feel a little disrespected because these are things that they will repeatedly warn you against and they feel that are not good for your own health. So what are some of these things which will irk your orthodontist?

My Orthodontist Will Get Mad If

I break my braces more than once

This by far is the thing that gets most orthodontists at loggerheads with their clients. Whereas breaking braces might be purely accidental, some clients repeatedly break their brackets or the entire braces and this does not end too well with orthodontists.

When giving your braces, your orthodontist will give you tips on how to keep your braces safe and reduce the risk of them breaking. Although it will be forgivable to get them broken once or twice within the course of your treatment period, getting them repeatedly broken might make your orthodontist to give you a backlash.

If you miss an appointment for no reason

Braces are a delicate treatment option and missing an appointment can mean that difference between the braces lasting a year and removing them a year and six months later. To remain effective, braces need to be tightened at least once or twice a month. As such, orthodontists require clients to come back for tightening every month.

Although it is possible to miss an appointment because of other commitments elsewhere, your orthodontist will be alarmed if you don’t call in to reschedule the appointment. You should always try as much as possible to make up for missed appointments to ensure that your treatment goes to plan and that your braces are removed on time.

If you eat foods he warned you against

Although braces are effective as a treatment option, they come with their fair share of limitations and foods are the one area where the braces really limit one. There are some foods which are not brace-friendly and people with braces need to avoid them at all costs. Hard foods and any gooey food that might stick in between the brackets can affect the performance of the braces or even break them.

When giving you the braces, you dentist will give you a list of some of the foods that are to be avoided. If he somehow learns that you have been sinking your teeth into the same foods again, it is inevitable that he or she will give you some strong words to keep you on your feet.

If you don’t clean your braces as instructed

Braces need to be cleaned and maintained for them to be effective and remain in top shape. Because of their rugged nature though, cleaning braces is not as easy a task as many people believe it is. Braces are required to be cleaned after every meal and this only makes the work of cleaning them a tad bit more difficult.

Fortunately though, your orthodontist will instruct you on how to clean your braces properly and it is only human for him or her to get a little mad if you don’t follow the instructions he or she gave to you.

Don’t repeat any anomaly or pain on time

During your treatment period, your orthodontist expects you to report any anomalies or pain as soon as possible. Braces sometimes become too tight and uncomfortable and need to be adjusted to avoid exerting too much pressure on the teeth as this can worsen the situation.

If you don’t report your pain or discomfort on time, there is a possibility of the condition of your teeth getting worse and beyond the orthodontist. This will obviously make your orthodontist a little mad as it might make him or her look incompetent.

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