Will Dentist Remove Tonsil Stones – Dentist in Spring Texas

Will Dentist Remove Tonsil Stones – Dentist in Spring Texas

What Are Tonsil Stones?

Tonsils are two glands located at the back of one’s mouth that help the immune system by sifting viruses and bacteria moving towards the body via the mouth. The two glands are covered in mucous and have pits along the linings. The number of pits and groves vary from person to person, meaning the more the pits the vulnerable one is to contract the tonsil stones. Bacteria, food particles and other debris could get stuck in the pits. If it stays, the debris in the pits solidifies and hardens turning into tonsil stones. If you regularly feel pain or irritation in your tonsils, tonsil stones could be the reason behind it. Apart from the pain, tonsil stones come with bad breathe caused by the bacteria breeding on the stones. You could also feel as if you have something stuck in your guts which can be irritating. The stones are also visible to the naked eye by use of a mirror in which they look like molded prunes with cracks where the bacteria hide. Mostly, the stones are white, grey or yellow but placed behind the tonsil. 

Tonsils can be annoying and very difficult to deal with as one tends to cough up stinky and nasty balls of white matter. Some people even try to remove these stones themselves by coughing their souls out or inserting objects, but it hardly is successful. If you are suffering from this, you are likely in a dilemma on whether to head to the dental clinic or the doctor. While dentists don’t often treat tonsil stones, they mostly discover them on patients while handling other oral issues. In most cases, after the discovery of tonsil stones, a dentist will refer you to a doctor specifically a throat doctor who specializes in the removal of tonsil stones.

What Will The Dentist Do?

You should be in a position to understand that your dentist does not specialize in cases such as the removal of tonsil stones. He or she will first recommend the gargling of salt water to help get rid of the irritation that comes with the build-up of tonsil stones. The traditional method of gargling salt water helps with various throat issues and tonsillitis. Your dentist may take a look at the tonsil stones and decide to use a swab to sweep off the stones. It works if the tonsil stones are not too accumulated and built up. Some dentists may recommend the use of antibiotics, although the method is not highly recommended. The latter method may lead to the abuse of antibiotics which may bring in high resistance to the antibiotics. Sometimes, these tonsil stones tend to go away on their own as the immune system improves.

Most of the tonsil stones can be self- eradicated using non-complicated tools such as the use of cotton swabs, coughing, mouthwash, gargling hydrogen peroxide, using a brush to clean the back of the teeth among other home remedies.

When Do You Go To The Dentist For Tonsil Stones Removal?

Larger tonsil stones are harder to remove hence calling for the need of a medical professional. A dentist can dislodge the stones using a tool while the patient is anesthetized. The procedure is only carried out if the dentist is confident he or she can handle the procedure without causing any spillover effects. Your dentist will analyze the condition of the stones before proceeding.

If a patient suffers from regular tonsillitis, the doctor will recommend the surgical removal of the stones and adenoids known as tonsillectomy. The procedure is best preferred for children and not adults. Most doctors will prescribe antibiotics to adults instead of tonsillectomy. Pharmacists have come up with drugs that help eradicate tonsil stones without the need of undergoing surgery. Your dentist could prescribe any of the medicines that will even help you combat the bad breathe resulting from the tonsil stones.

Also, you need to see a dentist if the tonsil stones are too broad to be removed through self-medicated ways. Apart from the dentist, a nose, ear or throat doctor can help you take out the tonsil stones.


Tonsil stones can be prevented by maintaining high hygiene standards which include; frequent brushing and flossing, brushing the tongue, cleaning the throat and mouth as they all minimize the build-up of mucus and bacteria as well as food particles.

Who Is More Vulnerable?

Tonsil stones often occur in teenagers because the tonsils tend to be huger in young people as they give support to a growing immune system. As one age, the tonsils shrink which cannot accommodate the build-up of tonsil stones. It is important to keep encouraging your young ones to maintain high oral hygiene standards and also check in at out Vita Dental clinic for tonsil stones removal if they become too much of a nuisance.