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Will Dentist Remove Permanent Retainer

After a patient has just completed orthodontic treatment, permanent retainers are usually recommended to them. These provide an extra security as the teeth try to settle in their new location. The retainers, therefore, are to stay on the teeth all the times until the orthodontist deems the treatment complete. They are normally glued by a wire to the back of the teeth.

The type of retainers recommended for you will depend on the condition of your bite, alignment as well as comfort preferences. The retainers will, therefore, be fixed and you may not be required to remove them during cleaning or during meal times. This article informs on when the dentist may opt to remove the permanent retainers before the treatment is complete.

The thought of getting retainers after getting your braces removed, is not always welcome. After a year or so of braces curtailing your freedom in more ways than one, the last thing you want from your dentist is another pair of retainers to wear all day long. However much you hate the retainers though, they are meant to keep the teeth in position and prevent the teeth from going back to the undesired original position.

Reasons why your dentist might remove permanent retainer

Even though retainers are to be worn until the treatment period is over, some circumstances might result in your dentist removing the retainers early. Here are some of the reasons why your orthodontist might want to remove your permanent retainers early;

Damage to the Retainer

A permanent retainer is a subject to damage, just like any other dental appliance. Injuries in the mouth, simple wear and tear and biting into hard foods may lead to breaking of the wires or the teeth to be unbound from the device. Normally, you may not notice or rather realize that the retainer has been displaced by maybe one of your teeth start to move out of position. Carrying out regular dental checkups are vital to ensure that retailers are in good position. The dentist may opt to remove the permanent retainer if it is damaged or not in a good position as required.

The retainer has been worn for a very long time

The permanent retainer is not entirely permanent, though there is no specific time set for it to be worn. Some people opt to have it for up to 20 years or more while the study shows that Booth and stout orthodontics showed that in majority cases, there were no adversative long span effects. The permanent retainers are however to be removed if they are fixed during the early teen period. This is because the jaw continues to grow in the early twenties. At this point, you may feel bad and dentist may be compelled to remove the retainers. You may also be advised that you’ve worn it for a very long time, hence need for replacement.

Building up of calculus on the teeth

The wires are normally attached to the back of either your upper or lower teeth with some form of cement. Because of this, there is a chance of calculus building up against the surfaces. The combination of plaque and bacteria is the common cause of this problem. The calculus may damage your teeth or gums as it hardens. When the dentist realizes this, he or she may be forced to remove your permanent retainer. While wearing permanent retainers, you are recommended to be doubly conscious of about your dental hygiene, to avoid this common problem.

Pain in your mouth

The main purpose of the retainers is to ensure your teeth do not go on moving back into their old positions. After a successful orthodontic treatment, one is not expected to experience residual movement which may lead to discomfort. Once a shift has been experienced, the pressure may lead to a feeling of pain. Calculus present may also result in swollen, bleeding of the gums and a bad breath. There are products which may give a sense of pain relief quickly, but if the ongoing pain exceeds, the permanent retainer may be a subject to removal. This may be advised by your dentist since it will make you uncomfortable.

As much as you may choose to remove your permanent retainers, the most vital consideration is that it should be carried out by an experienced orthodontic professional to prevent any damage to the teeth and also avoid causing injuries in the mouth. The dentist may remove the bonding cement using a dental drill, also ease the retainer far from your teeth as well as follow up by cleaning or even polishing your teeth surfaces.

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