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Will dentist pull out tooth on first visit? What are the factors that can prompt tooth extraction during the first visit to the dentist? These are some of the most common questions that people with problematic teeth ask themselves when making their first visit to the dentist to report their pain. So, will a dentist pull a tooth on the first visit?

Generally, dentists will always try and remove a patient’s tooth right from the first tooth unless there is a serious logistical issue or health issue which might hinder the procedure. Because of the logistical issues that surround the extraction of teeth however, nine times out of ten, the dentist will schedule the extraction for another day.

Dentists understand how painful it can be to live with a tooth which they deem problematic and need to be extracted. They therefore will almost always advise you to allow them to get rid of that tooth or teeth immediately. A dentist will always look to get rid of the infected or affected tooth as soon as possible to ease the pain and also limit the possibility of the infection spreading to other areas of the mouth.

So, what are some of the reasons that might prompt the dentist to postpone the extraction of a problematic tooth? Here is a look at some of the most common reasons why dentists postpone the extraction of a problematic tooth;

Reasons that might lead to postponement of a tooth extraction

Serious health issues

Before extracting a tooth, dentists always do a background health check on the patient to ensure that there are no serious health issues which might come in the way of the extraction. Serious health issues and complications such as unchecked diabetes, prior heart surgeries and problems with blood coagulation, can prompt the dentist to postpone the extraction for a later date.

In the event that a patient is suffering from any of the above mentioned complications, the dentist will advise the patient to come back at a later date. Before the actual extraction date, the dentist will prepare accordingly and ensure that the patient gets the necessary treatment or drugs required to make the extraction a success.

Need for serious surgery

If the tooth to be extracted requires complex surgery to get rid of, then chances are high that the dentist will postpone the extraction to prepare for the surgery. Molars and premolars sometimes need complex surgeries to extract them and these surgeries require adequate planning before they can be carried out.

Equally teeth which are suffering from malocclusions or are broken into pieces, need serious surgeries and these can’t be carried out on the first visit. The dentist will have to prepare for the surgery and ask the patient to come back at a later date.

Presence of pus in the affected tooth

If the infected tooth has pus or a big swelling around the affected area, then chances are that the dentist will postpone the procedure and ask the patient to come back at a later date. Pus or any fluid which can cause septicemia or bacteremia if passed into the blood stream can make the dentist to administer antibiotics first and before he/she can make a plan to extract the affected tooth.


If during the first visit the dentist doesn’t have enough time on his/her hands to facilitate immediate extraction, then chances are the extraction will be postponed. As much as the extraction lasts a few minutes, it takes some time for the dentist to examine the tooth and the area surrounding the tooth before deciding on whether to pull it out or not.

So will a dentist pull tooth on the first visit? The answer depends on the condition of the tooth that you are intending to get pulled and the dentists’ schedule. It is not rare to get a tooth pulled on the same day that you get the dentist to see it and you shouldn’t get surprised if your dentist asks to pull that problematic tooth.

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