Will Dentist Know I Smoke – Dentist in Spring Texas

Will Dentist Know I Smoke – Dentist in Spring Texas

Many people gradually become addicted to smoking which eventually develops into an embarrassing habit. Most people smoke in secrecy keeping the behaviour unknown from family. Most of these people developed this behaviour while young but soon it becomes hard to keep a secret with the noticeable yellowing of teeth. A considerable percentage of smokers will opt to go the dentist for dental care perhaps teeth whitening to restore the sparkling touch of the teeth. Because the habit is embarrassing, many patients may decide to keep the information away from the dentist during a consultation. Will a dentist tell that a patient has been smoking?

A dentist has treated many patients throughout his or her career path. With equipped with training and experience, it is difficult for a dentist to ignore signs that you have been smoking if it has been for a long time. The teeth, gums and general oral health of a smoker will always display signs and tell a smoking story is behind it. Firstly, people who smoke have their gums receding from their teeth at a worrier rate than the average condition. Secondly, smoke stains will be placed more on the inner surfaces of the teeth than the outer surfaces due to being drawn in the mouth behind the inner surface. If you have smoked recently just before the dentist’s appointment, there are many signs that your dentist could notice. This include; the smoky smell from the mouth or even the garments, nicotine stains on your fingers, consistency of one’s saliva and frequent coughs among others.

The most noticeable sign is the yellowing of teeth. Cigarettes have tar and nicotine combined with chemicals such as carbon monoxide, ammonia, and hydrogen cyanide. These chemicals, contribute a significant part in the yellowing of teeth when smoking develops into a habit.

What About Marijuana?

Unlike cigarettes, marijuana does not have a long lasting smell. Dentists cant physically tell if you smoke pot unless they take further tests. The first test a dentist would take if they suspect you smoke pot would be urinalysis. The test samples the contents of your urine in which it comes in as a positive if one smoked marijuana. The second test brings us to the saliva test where a sample of saliva is collected from the mouth. However, this case is only viable if the patient smoked marijuana within a day to the appointment. Then there is the blood test. Unlike the saliva test that is simple, the blood test can be difficult and invasive hence used less frequently and in exceptional cases. Depending on the severity of the marijuana use, the dentist may be in a position to detect a patient’s secret. 

Is It Essential To Let Your Dentist Know About Your Smoking Habits?

Little unknown to the patient, smoking is harmful to one’s oral health. Smoking tobacco can lead to contracting gum diseases by consequently affecting the grasp of gum and bone tissue to your teeth. Smokers are more vulnerable to contracting infections such as periodontal infections. Smoking has also been found to interfere with the healing processes of any possible wounds. If one is set to have a dental implant or an invasive dental procedure, smoking could make the healing process longer. For this reason, a patient needs to tell the doctor of the smoking habits before the surgical procedure so that the dentist will settle for the best procedure.

Also, a dentist might misdiagnose an infection if the smoking habit is left out. One could be suffering from oral, lung or throat cancer but wrongly diagnosed from the dentist ruling out a patient’s smoking habits. It is therefore essential to let your dentist know about the smoking habits.  Opening up also helps you build a great relationship with your dentist, especially about one’s oral health. If you need to keep the habit secret, you could talk to your dentist about the condition provided you follow the prescriptions. Maintaining high oral hygiene standards will help keep you away from regular dental visits while this is not entirely reliable, smokers are encouraged to quit smoking or somewhat reduce the smoking habits.   


If you are a regular smoker, the chances are that you might need to concentrate on your oral hygiene more than you should. While plaque tends to build faster in smokers, one should use high-quality toothpaste, and your dentist may prescribe special oral cleaning products. Maintain healthy relationships with your dentist to help detect any abnormalities in the early stages. In case you choose to continue smoking, have yourself checked at the Vita Dental Clinic for regular cancer examinations and screening. Nonetheless, the best choice is to quit smoking. If you find it hard, your dentist could refer you to a specialist who could help you quit smoking successfully.

Although you can successfully dodge being caught by the dentist, it is advisable to come clean and let the dentist know about your smoking habits for accurate diagnosis.