Why You Should Replace Your Toothbrush

Why You Should Replace Your Toothbrush

Regular flossing and brushing of teeth are the two easiest ways to keep your teeth healthy and white. These actions help to get rid of debris. They also keep tartar and plaque from accumulating on the teeth. However, a good number of people make a huge mistake. They end up using the same toothbrush for too long. Here are some of the reasons that we at Vita Dental Houston think you should replace a toothbrush more often.

Bacterial buildup

One of the major reasons to get a new toothbrush is the buildup of bacteria. It is estimated that over 10 million bacteria can be found on one toothbrush. If you use the same brush too often, this build up is only going to keep getting worse. Thus, you may actually be putting more bacteria into your mouth each time you brush than you are getting rid of.

There was a sick person in the house

If you recently had a sick person in the house, it might be time to replace the brush. For instance, if there is a flu outbreak, you might catch it, especially if your brushes are kept close together. Replacing the brushes could be one of the ways to keep a viral or bacterial infection from spreading to all people in the house.

You have been sick

If you were recently very ill, the germs might have been left on your old toothbrush. Get a new one to ensure that you are not re-infected with an illness. In most cases, the moist environment of a bathroom and the toothbrush will ensure that some of the germs linger on after you are cured.

Your child is growing up

If you have a young child who was using a kid toothbrush, you want to get them a better brush. Otherwise, they will not be able to clean their maturing teeth well. Always check the recommended age for a toothbrush when buying. This way, you do not end up with something that is too big or too small for them to clean their mouths.

It does not feel effective

Toothbrushes are made of slightly different materials. Sometimes, because of the toothpaste you use, the toothbrush may end up being worn out quite fast. As a result, if you generally feel that your toothbrush is not helping to clean your mouth effectively, you should get rid of it. A toothbrush does not cost much and getting a new one should be a breeze.

You want to try something else

Maybe you have always had the same style of toothbrush all your life. If that is the case, you might want to try one of the edgy toothbrushes out there. While some of it is marketing hype, these toothbrushes can be quite effective compared to an ordinary toothbrush. They may end up getting to corners of your mouth that you may not have thought could be cleaned.

It has been three months

If it has already been three months and you still have the same toothbrush, you might want to throw it out. It can be hard to keep count of the months. Thus, you should get a new toothbrush every season. These seasons are roughly three months each and it is a nice way to tell that your toothbrush is too used up.

It could prevent cavities

A new toothbrush will not just clean better, it will ensure you have less chance of getting cavities. If your old brush does not clean out food particles, they will build up and cause teeth to start rotting. It could lead to very expensive medical bills as you try to get the teeth fixed. For you to keep your teeth healthy, ensure that you have a new toothbrush as your first line of defense. This is also true for those that wear braces.

How to care for a toothbrush

Now that you know why you should get a toothbrush after a while, you also need to know how to care for it. This will ensure that the toothbrush will remain effective in keeping you clean for the period that you use it.

  • Deep clean it

There are numerous toothbrush sanitizers today. There are even those that use UV light to kill bacteria. Get any of them to clean your toothbrush after using it.

  • Ensure proper storage

After using it, do not simply pop the used toothbrush into the medicine cabinet. Ensure that it is stored upright in a cup or rack. This will ensure that it drips away water and dry well. Ensure that you have a cover, which lets the air circulate, thus avoiding mold on the bristles. Besides that, lack of air circulation ensures that bacteria will develop with ease.


Lastly, always ensure that you rinse the toothbrush to remove all debris after you have used it. With this simple guide, you should be able to know why replacing your toothbrush often matters so much.