Why Teeth Decay Happens?

One of the most common dental problem that people report when they visit our offices, it is tooth decay. Most people don’t know it because they just report toothaches when tooth decay is actually the root problem eating into their tooth roots. Today we want to take a look at tooth decay and help you understand what causes it and how you can stay safe from the menacing problem. So, what is tooth decay?

Tooth decay occurs when food remains accumulate in the mouth and turn into plaque which hardens over time and becomes tartar. This tartar is then broken into acids by the bacteria living in your mouth. This acid then begins to react with your teeth eating into the enamel. This causes cavities and extreme pain because the nerves are exposed. Left untreated, tooth decay can eventually eat away the entire tooth and affect your dental health. So, what are the causes of this decay? What contributes to the entire tooth decay process?

10 reasons why tooth decay happens

  1. Poor oral hygiene

By poor oral hygiene includes not brushing your teeth regularly, not flossing after meals, not brushing your tongue and not using a good toothpaste when brushing your teeth. You should always brush at-least twice a day and floss after every meal. Make sure to brush your tongue as well because it harbours very many bacteria. Make sure to rinse your mouth with clean water after brushing.

Enamel complications

Some people have enamel complications and have deep holes and crevices in their teeth. The exact problem causing these complications is not known but it ranges from poor nutrition to poor hygiene. Such individuals can only prevent cavities from developing by using dental sealants which will eventually prevent tooth decay.

Sugary foods

The other problem that causes teeth to decay is the love for sugary foods that most people have. The sugar in the foods reacts with bacteria in the plaque and produce harmful acids which eat into teeth causing them to decay and cavities to develop.

Poor nutrition

Eating junk and sugary foods will also contribute to tooth decay. It is essential to eat a balanced diet and eat foods rich in calcium for proper teeth development. Fruits and greens should always be your preferred meals. Stay away from candy and other sugary foods if you really care about your dental health.

Acidic drinks

There are some acidic foods which cause tooth to decay especially when they are regularly taken. Acidic drinks include soda and commercial fruit juices which are full of acids. The acids from these drinks directly reacts with your teeth eating into the enamel causing the teeth to decay.

Tooth grinding

This is something that very many people engage in not knowing that it is a threat to their teeth. Grinding of teeth strips away the outer most layer of the enamel making the teeth susceptible to infection and development of cavities. People who involuntarily grind their teeth should consider getting bite guards which prevent the teeth even if someone tries to grind.


Some people have tooth decay problems which are passed down from their parents. Deep crevices and enamel complications are sometimes passed down the family tree. Weaker teeth as well are susceptible to decay and the strength of teeth is something genetic which is passed down the line. Such people need to invest in dental sealants which will offer more protection to the teeth.


The other reason why cavities develop and teeth decay is because of aging. As you age, teeth wear out and the enamel strips slowly. This renders it weak and reactions with acids in foods is faster. This means that the teeth will easily develop cavities and decay will be a problem.

Dry mouths

This is rather bizarre but it does contribute to dental decay. The lack of sufficient saliva in the mouth means that there will be a lot of friction when chewing and grinding and this contributes massively to the wear of the enamel. Lack of saliva has been found to contribute to the growth of plaque which eventually leads to decay. People with insufficient saliva amounts should consult their doctors to get appropriate treatment.

Lack of regular visits to the dentist

They say an apple a day, keeps the dentist away but how true is this statement really? You need to see your dentist at-least thrice in a year if you really are mindful of your dental health. Lack of regular visits for comprehensive check-ups and cleaning will increase the chances of your teeth decaying because however fastidious your brushing routine is, you will never quite get rid of all the food remnants in the mouth. You need to visit your dentist for more cleaning and advise you on how to keep your teeth clean and healthy.