Why Should I get Invisalign?

Why Should I get Invisalign?

Where there are numerous options for straightening teeth, Invisalign is the only option that comes free of wires and brackets. It is one of the options offered at Vita Dental Spring. Invisalign allows you to go about your life without any worries. They are especially important for self-conscious people. At the end of it all, we at Vita Dental Spring will ensure you leave our dental office with straight teeth. Here are some of the benefits you get when you use Invisalign.

Aesthetically Pleasing

One of the reasons you should come for Invisalign aligners from Vita Dental Spring is aesthetics. Unlike metal braces that can cause the mouth to seem unattractive, Invisalign looks perfect. The Invisalign braces are hardly noticed. From a reasonable distance, the teeth will look as though you do not have any braces.

Besides that, food can be stuck in adult braces, which can lead to bad optics. It is especially so if you work in a busy office where you have to constantly interact with people. You would need to check your teeth all the time to ensure there is no food stuck in the braces. This is not an issue when you use Invisalign.

Fewer Dental Visits

In most cases, you might only have to visit Vita Dental Spring about once every six weeks. Besides that, these visits are shorter compared to those who use traditional braces. This ensures that you save time and you look good wearing braces. For those who have dental anxiety, these clear aligners will mean you cut your time in the dental office to the minimum.

Easier to Care for Your Teeth

In some cases, when you get braces, you will need to get special equipment just to keep your teeth clean. Thus, you do not have to worry about the risk of developing cavities just because you decided to straighten your teeth. You will be able to floss and brush as you would. The reason is that you are allowed to take out your clear aligners for about an hour or two every day.

They are Comfortable

Braces can feel quite uncomfortable. This can get even worse when the alignment wire for the braces breaks and start to poke your inner cheeks. Even without any breaks, braces are still quite uncomfortable. It can take quite a while to get used to the feeling of metal inside your mouth. This is not something that you need to worry about with clear aligners from Vita Dental Spring. They have smooth edges, which do not cause any discomfort to the user. In fact, you will not even notice you are wearing braces a few hours after leaving the dental office.

Eat Whatever You Wish

When you get traditional braces, you will be given a long list of foods that you might need to avoid. This is not the case when you get clear aligners from Vita Dental Spring. The clear aligners will not impose any restrictions on your dietary habits.

You can continue to consume chewy foods and nuts that would have been stuck in the mouth with traditional braces. However, we at Vita Dental Spring would still advice you to avoid sugary drinks, especially the fizzy ones. We will still advise you to eat foods that are advantageous to your oral and general health.

Much Safer For Sports Players

Sports players usually have issues if they have braces. Even with a mouth guard, there is still the risk of the metal wire breaking during a sport and poking the inner cheeks. This can cause a lot of pain and leave a nasty gash. Besides that, if you have kids, there is no assurance that they will use the mouth guard every time. If they forget to use the mouth guard, it could lead to nasty cuts inside the mouth if they have braces and they trip. Thus, Invisalign is a much safer option for those active in sports.

Better Overall Dental Health

Invisalign aligners from Vita Dental Spring will straighten the teeth; this can do wonders for long-term dental health. If you have crooked teeth, it is much easier for bacteria to hide there. As a result, it increases the chances of you have poor dental health. The clear aligners will straighten your teeth, which will make it much easier to keep them clean. This could help you avoid issues such as periodontal disease and bleeding gums.

Better Overall Physical Appearance

Perfectly aligned teeth can help to improve the appearance of your facial structure. This can help you to look much younger and more radiant. As a result, your bosses could interpret this as a sign of success. People will also be more drawn to you if you look radiant. This could also help to boost your self-esteem. In cases where you might have avoided going out due to bad teeth, you will find yourself more confident to take on the world.