Why Is Invisalign So Popular

Why Is Invisalign So Popular

A few years ago, people used to shy away from orthodontic treatment, drawing back at the idea of having to wear seemingly bulky metal braces for extended durations. Later on, along with the Millennium, came Invisalign braces, a teeth-straightening system that has taken the world of dentistry by storm.

This innovative orthodontic treatment has become a popular choice for adults who want to achieve the smile of their dreams. As dentists serving the Spring area, Vita Dental Spring can confirm that Invisalign is indeed a popular option among our patients.

Millions of teens and adults have undergone Invisalign braces with great success, and everyone seems to be inquiring about Invisalign braces! According to Vita Dental Spring, Invisalign braces, compared to the conventional fixed metal braces, gives youngsters and adults’ freedom to carry on with their lives. The high level of convenience makes these removable aligners very desirable.

No doubt you’re familiar with Invisalign braces or sometimes referred to as invisible or clear braces. They are one of the most common options for dental braces today. There are multiple reasons that these nearly invisible aligners are the orthodontic weapon of choice for so many teens and adults visiting Vita Dental Spring, who intend to straighten their teeth.

Invisalign has many significant advantages over conventional braces, including:

Confidence and Appearance

A recent survey found that nearly 80 percent of 2,000 adults in the United States who underwent Invisalign had noticed a significant change in their self-confidence levels. A larger percentage stated that people did not notice that the person wearing Invisalign braces had them on. As the name suggests, the almost invisible aligners are discreet, and unless someone looks very carefully, they might not notice that you’re getting your teeth straightened. The idea of correcting orthodontic issues without others knowing is one of their primary advantages.


Unlike traditional braces, with their brackets and wires, Invisalign devices can be removed for eating whatever foods you love. They can also be taken out for cleaning. You can quickly clean them as instructed by your Vita Dental Spring dentist. All that is required is to take the aligner out, brush and floss your teeth, rinse the aligner, and place the aligner back in your mouth. It may seem like additional work, but it’s better than having metal braces where you need to have special tools for cleaning or make several trips to the dentist to get them cleaned. Being able to clean teeth conveniently eliminates any associated oral hygiene problems that may arise. Without wires and rubber attached to your teeth, your dental hygiene routine is much simpler.

Control and Precision

From the moment you get Invisalign treatment at Vita Dental Spring, it offers you nearly instant gratification. Your teeth begin to shift immediately, so you can start to feel a change in tooth alignment soon after treatment begins. However, not all teeth move at the same time, and this is a good thing.

The controlled and precise movements and pressure of Invisalign regulate how and when the teeth shift. The teeth can end up repositioning not only vertically and horizontally, but in some instances, they can even rotate.


Invisalign aligners have been custom made for each patient’s mouth and orthodontic requirements. Once your Vita Dental Spring has identified you as a good candidate for Invisalign, an initial treatment plan starts with the help of cutting-edge digital imaging.

You will be able to see a high-tech; 3D computer image of your mouth and your Vita Dental Spring dentist will move the teeth around on the screen and observe the jaw from different angles to determine the best route for the best results. This hi-tech system of customization means, Invisalign can be used to resolve a wide range of problems such as bite issues that can lead to severe jaw disorders.


At the start of each new set of Invisalign aligners, there will be some pressure, but this is normal. If they do not create some stress, then they’re not doing their job correctly, which is to help shift your teeth.  The Invisalign braces are less irritating because they have smooth edges and do not have wires and brackets that can irritate parts of your mouth.

If you feel that there is a sharp edge on one of your aligners, it’s pretty easy to have it trimmed down by your orthodontist at Vita Dental Spring. The entire Invisalign process at Vita Dental Spring aims at efficiency and patient’s comfort. Invisalign requires a lot of dedication and responsibility from the wearer to experience great results. The patient should wear aligners for 20 to 22 hours a day, and after about every two weeks, you should visit your dentist at Vita Dental Spring for an exchange.

Are you ready to learn more about Invisalign and discover whether Invisalign is the best course of orthodontic treatment for you? Schedule a consultation with Vita Dental Spring, the certified Invisalign providers for treatment in Spring Texas.