Why Are Braces So Popular?

Why Are Braces So Popular

Braces are no longer only intended for use by middle and high schoolers. The orthodontic procedure is as ordinary for older adults as it is in teenagers who are looking to straighten their teeth.

The ideal time for children is between 10 and 14 years of age. It is during this time that the mouth is still growing teeth and is flexible and accessible to straightening. Vita Dental Spring attends to many patients seeking to achieve the perfect smile and healthy bite. You may be wondering why braces are getting more popular. In this article, Vita Dental Spring encourages you to read on to understand why.

Why Adults End up Needing Braces

Several factors determine how our teeth look and why braces are needed. According to The American Association of Orthodontics, at any given time there are over four million people in the U.S. that are receiving some form of orthodontic treatment. And while some of those patients are first-timers, plenty are what orthodontists call “retreats.” Dentists at Vita Dental Spring have reason to believe that most people who get braces as adults had braces when they were younger too. But because they stopped wearing their retainers at some point or didn’t wear them consistently, they need to get them again.

  • Improves Self-Confidence

In today’s world, personal image is fundamental to both external success and self-impression. Having a powerful self-image helps to develop your self-confidence, this can lead to more significant opportunities. Most people find that crooked teeth or malocclusion can hinder their confidence and negatively impact potential success. Back in the day, teeth straightening was an extraordinarily complicated and long drawn out process. Most adults preferred to continue living with their crooked teeth. In reality, there was a stigma associated with braces mostly because they were too obvious. However, due to modern science all that has changed.

  • Effective Teeth Straightening Option

According to Vita Dental Spring, braces are very useful in teeth straightening for people of all ages. Thanks to technology, the orthodontic appliances are now smaller, more effective and take lesser time to heal than before. It means that one doesn’t need to wear braces for nearly as long as they may have to in the past.

Braces can gradually move misaligned teeth to their correct positions regardless of the patient’s age. It is important to note that, if an opportunity arises for a teenager to straighten their teeth, then this is the best time to do it. While most people get braces for cosmetic purposes, straighter teeth are better for dental health. For instance, straighter teeth are easier to clean, and one can chew food effectively.

Technological Improvements

Thanks to the modern technology available at Vita Dental Spring, patients can select an option that is nearly invisible to others.  There are numerous options for braces on the market today. It can be challenging to know which is best for your unique situation.

  • Linguistic Braces

In case you are looking for an aesthetically pleasing way to straighten your teeth then lingual braces are a good option. They are unique because they fit along the tongue side of the teeth thus making them virtually invisible to other people. They are still metal braces but are now designed to fit the unique curvature of the inside of your smile. They attach to the back of teeth and remain hidden from view.

Two orthodontists invented these braces in the 70 ’s.  An American orthodontist was hoping to find a solution to help patients straighten their teeth less noticeably, while the Japanese orthodontist was looking for a way to help protect the lips and cheeks of athletes.

  • DIY Teeth Straightening

There is also a new service that has hit the market and offers teeth straightening. It is known as DIY teeth straightening.  While they promise strong results and fewer trips to the dentist, there have been numerous reported cases of painful side effects.  Some patients have even lost their teeth. That is why it is essential to seek professional teeth straightening treatment at Vita Dental Spring to avoid irreversible damages.

  • Clear Aligners

The clear aligners are a new alternative to the traditional braces. It is a series of customized, removable and nearly invisible appliances available at Vita Dental Spring. Apart from being discreet, they are removable while eating so that they do not trap food particles between teeth like the metal braces. They have to be worn consistently for about 22 hours for great results. These aren’t appropriate for children or adolescents still waiting for permanent teeth.

Other popular types of braces are the metal and ceramic brackets. The ceramic brackets are tooth colored and are less noticeable than the metal ones.

Your dentist at Vita Dental Spring will determine how long you should wear braces.  If your spacing or bite problem is complicated, you may have to wear braces for up to one year. After which a retainer can also be worn to set and align the tissues surrounding the straightened teeth.