White Teeth in Houston with Tooth Bleaching: Fact and Fiction

White Teeth in Houston with Tooth Bleaching: Fact and Fiction

Every person wants to have a healthy looking and beautiful smile. Sometimes, brushing may not be enough to help you achieve this goal. This is especially so if you love taking coffee or tobacco, which has stained your teeth. The option is usually to go for a teeth whitening.

However, the teeth whitening procedure is fraught with a lot of myth. The fiction about teeth whitening may keep people from going for the procedure. That is why we at Vita Dental Spring  have decided to educate you. This way, you will be able to make the best choice. Let us bust some of the fiction surrounding teeth whitening.

Whitening Strips and Toothpaste Work Just as Good as Going to Your Dentist

This is fiction and should be ignored. The whitening strips, toothpaste, and other devices have some whitening properties to them. However, the chemicals they contain are too weak compared to visiting a dentist such as Vita Dental Spring.

The reason for this is that, it’s only a medical professional who can utilize the high levels of chemicals contained in some of the products. This is due to government regulations. Thus, no matter how good a commercial product promises to be, it can never be as good as visiting the dentist.

Teeth Whitening Will Make Teeth Look Fake

A common myth, which has been busted many times over is that your teeth look fake when they are whitened. The myth further states that the yellow tinge comes from within the teeth and cannot be removed.

This is simply not true. Teeth can be bleached but they cannot be bleached until they are the color of a white paper. For celebrities to achieve that unnatural look of white teeth they utilize Photoshop or veneers.

Bleaching Is Permanent

Bleaching teeth is not permanent. If you continue taking your tobacco and coffee, the teeth will become discolored with time. A good teeth-whitening procedure will last for about two years. However, the bright effect will wear out in about three months after the procedure. Thus, you should be ready to get them whitened again in about two years. 

Bleaching Teeth Will Harm the Enamel

The whitening of teeth will not remove or damage your enamel. Teeth whitening works by peroxide getting into the tiny pore inside your teeth. The bleaching agent proceeds to wash out tiny particles stuck there, which give teeth the discolored look. After a while, these tiny pores close up.

A Whitening Gel at The Dental Office Works as Well as An At-Home Gel

Teeth whitening gels have different levels of carbamide peroxide. This active ingredient whitens the teeth. A whitening gel at the dental office contains many times more peroxide than anything you buy at the drug store. Besides that, the dentist understands how to apply the gel better than you can. The result is that going to a dentist such as Vita Dental Spring will always yield better results.

Teeth Whitening Can Boost Your Oral Health

Whitening is not a substitute for normal dental care. You will still need to floss, brush, and keep away from tobacco. You also need to moderate the amount of tea and coffee that you take. Besides that, ensure you go for teeth cleanings from your dentist often. This way, it will ensure that you do not just have white teeth but healthy teeth as well.

Tooth Whitening Hurts

The tooth whitening does not hurt, it may cause some sensitivity, but that will go away after 24 hours. After that, re-mineralization by saliva will ensure that the pain dissipates. However, beware that OTC whitening strip may prolong the sensitivity. This is because they strip teeth every time you utilize them.

Whitening of Teeth Causes Cancer

Some people may believe professional tooth whitening causes cancer. However, this is not true. Chemicals that are used to whiten teeth have been shown to have no chance of causing cancer.

Bleaching Teeth May Damage Your Nerves

While whitening teeth may make the teeth feel sensitive, it is not likely that any damage to the nerves will occur. The dentists will be careful about how they administer the bleaching agent to ensure there is no damage to your nerves.

For instance, they will check if the teeth are cracked or have cavities, to ensure that the peroxide does not get to the tooth pulp. Even with professional chemicals, the composition is so low that the chances of nerve damage do not exist. Having said that, never try a professional product outside a dental office such as Vita Dental Spring. If anything should go wrong, it is best to have an expert close by to remedy the situation.

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