When does the Orthodontist Remove Braces – Dentist in Spring Texas

When does the Orthodontist Remove Braces – Dentist in Spring Texas

Braces are right for your oral health and appearance. However, many people don’t like wearing braces. Granted, they are not the most appealing oral accessories – in fact, braces can ruin your smile and make you lose your self-esteem when talking with other people. As such, it is only natural that most people wonder when the orthodontist will take their braces off.

You don’t have to wonder anymore. This article will touch on everything associated with the removal of braces, including the appropriate time for removal, the removal procedure, and how to cope with the aftermath.

When do Braces Come Off?

Braces removal is usually determined by the severity of the dental problem that you are suffering.

Depending on the severity of your oral problem, braces may need to stay in place for anywhere between six months and thirty months. The orthodontist will decide to remove the braces if your teeth align and the underlying problem is treated. Be patient as the orthodontist will be sure to inform you of your progress after each visit. Remember: the braces may seem an inconvenience for now, but they are necessary for overall oral health and an appealing smile later on.

What is the Removal Procedure?

Removing braces is a quick and straightforward procedure. It is mostly painless but can be uncomfortable. Here is what to expect during the removal procedure:

  • Plying off the braces

Braces are tight accessories that are fastened to influence the growth of your teeth. As you well know, they are fastened after every visit, and each time they feel tighter and tighter. As such, when it is time to take them off, they have to be pried off.

The orthodontist will use pliers and tweezers to unfasten the braces. He/she will need to use some degree of force, but it is painless – if anything, it is only uncomfortable. The process should take approximately one hour, but this will depend on the complexity of your braces.

  • Cleaning the teeth

As you already know, your orthodontist uses gum and other adhesives to hold braces tightly in place. These adhesives are not a health risk, but they are nevertheless powerful. As such, it becomes necessary to clean the adhesives off after removing the braces as they are no longer needed.

Your orthodontist will use a concoction of toothpaste and oral cleansers to wash the gum off. He/she will begin by brushing the gum off using a toothbrush with soft bristles. It will be followed by thorough cleaning to ensure that none of the gum residues is left on your teeth. The process is relatively quick and comfortable. However, patients are advised to follow up with regular brushing and flossing to ensure that any residues are gotten rid.

How to Adapt to Life Without Braces?

Adapting to life with braces on was hard enough, wasn’t it? However, it can be as difficult to adapt to life without braces. You had already developed a new way of talking, eating, and doing everything else you need to do with your teeth. You will have to find a way to do all those things without your braces on.

Your orthodontist will issue you with a retainer to wear after taking your braces off. It will help you adjust to your new life. However, it may impede several activities. For starters, you may find it difficult to pronounce certain words, which will be annoying and uncomfortable. There is no way to get around this, and the best thing to do is to accept your situation and understand that it is necessary and only temporary.

You will also find it difficult to chew your food like you used to – however, you should cope with this within the first two days. Finally, you may find yourself drooling as you cannot hold saliva in as efficiently as you would without a retainer. However, it is quickly manageable as all you will need to avoid opening your mouth when you are not talking.

The retainer will come off soon enough, but you will still have to adhere to some recommendations as you adapt. For starters, it is not advisable to eat chewy snacks that were permanently forbidden when you had your braces on. Additionally, you will need to wait for about three weeks before you can go through other oral procedures such as teeth whitening. Finally, you need to brush and floss regularly to keep your teeth healthy and looking good.

Let us Examine Your Braces!

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