What’s The Fastest Way to Straighten Your Teeth? Spring Texas

What’s The Fastest Way to Straighten Your Teeth? Spring Texas

Does the thought of putting on braces or Invisalign for ages make you cringe? Do you wish there is an orthodontic treatment that could straighten your teeth quicker? You are probably preparing for your wedding day and the D-day is fast approaching and yet your current orthodontic treatment seems to be lagging. Well, accelerated orthodontic treatments could be a great option for you. Accelerated orthodontics achieves the same objectives as those of normal orthodontic treatments but in a shorter period of time. Also, some guided dental habits may help fasten your orthodontic treatments.

Types of Accelerated Orthodontics

  • AcceleDent Method

The AcceleDent technique involves a hands-free device that produces vibrations known as micro-pulses in which they transmit through the gums and into the roots and eventually to the surrounding bone. The vibrations aid in increasing the cellular activity which speeds the rate at which the teeth move to the desired position. The patient needs to wear for at least twenty minutes in a day. Normally, it is fitted around any existing orthodontic tools such as braces.

  • The Propel Alveocentesis Method

Commonly known as Propel, is a non-invasive method that stimulates the bone cells surrounding the teeth in order to increase cytokine activity. It basically aids in the remodelling of the bone tissues making the shifting of targeted teeth to move faster. The method is not common in most dental clinics hence an in-depth research would be advised if the method is best desired. Moreover, the genius minds behind the propel technology have also introduced a new way to increase cytokine activity also called micro-osteoperforation. The process is then followed by an activity that exerts the application of pressure to move the teeth to the desired position.     

  • Surgical Method

Also referred to as Dental Terminology. In some special cases, surgical method may be applied which involves the surgical removal of bone and gum tissue between teeth which in turn provides space for tooth movement. Teeth are likely to move easily and quicker as there is space to fit into the position rather than having to push other teeth out of position. This method is only conducted under strict orthodontic instructions in order not to cause further complications to the patient.

Six Month Smiles

Six month smiles is a program initiated to help patients in need of straightened teeth, to realize their dreams in just six months. Traditional braces could take one up to two years in order to achieve the desired results. The six month smiles technique was rolled out to various clinics which have been licensed to offer the service. Among the clinics is Vita Dental that has strived to see patients in need of accelerated treatment receive the treatment.   

Other Dental Habits

  • Punctual Dental Visits

If you have already fitted braces, you are familiar with the orthodontist scheduling a checkup visit at least every three weeks. Mostly, these checkups are ideal for monitoring treatment progress and re-adjusting the wires. Once your teeth move in accordance with the desired position, the wires will loosen hence slowing down the moving activity. Regular dental visits will allow for frequent tightening of the wires and in some cases changing which hastens the movement of teeth and also keeps it at a constant rate. Missing your dental appointments only elongates the treatment period which could even turn into years for a procedure that would have taken months or even weeks.

  • Following Orthodontic Rules And Instructions

Some patients tend to ignore rules that seem simple but are quite important in orthodontic treatment. Instructions such as avoiding hard foods, maintaining oral hygiene, using the right tools to clean aligners help in keeping the orthodontic treatment steady. Any bad habits such as smoking or bad hygiene habits may interfere with the orthodontic treatment which will lengthen the period required to materialize the procedure.

  • Wearing Invisalign For Longer Periods

Orthodontists will advise one to put on the aligners for at least twenty two hours a day. The lesser the number of hours one fits in the aligners, the longer the period it takes to achieve the desired teeth alignment. To maximize the aligner’s potential, the patient is required to have the aligners fitted even during sleep and only remove them when brushing teeth and eating. The orthodontist will direct you on the best possible tips to help the aligners work faster.


Whichever method one desires to go ahead with should be associated with an orthodontist’s permit. Some patients are not good candidates for the accelerated orthodontic methods mentioned above and may cause problems in the future. Book an appointment at Vita Dental to speak to the experts and find out more about safe methods for you, which could accelerate the straightening of your teeth. Although there is practically no cheat code onto aligning teeth overnight some patience would help when going through any orthodontic treatments.