What You Need to Know About Dental Dentures

What You Need to Know About Dental Dentures

Dental health is very important not only as far as the aesthetics go, but also due to the fact that our teeth play an important role in nutrition due to their role in chewing. Sometimes, however, try as we may, either through an accident or trauma or due to tooth decay, we may lose a tooth or a couple of them. In such an instance, to ensure that activities such as chewing aren’t affected or to ensure that one doesn’t suffer professionally, it becomes prudent to replace the missing tooth or teeth. Here, there are a number of options available to you as far as replacing any missing teeth goes. One of these options is the use of dental dentures. But what are dental dentures? Well, this article should come in handy as it will look to delve deeper into what they are and then some to ensure that you know all you may need to know about them just in case you are looking to get them.

First of all we shall take a look at what dental dentures actually are, and as is explained by the subject matter experts, they are artificial gums and teeth that are created and customized to one’s mouth by one’s dentist to replace missing or removed natural teeth. As opposed to other methods of teeth replacement, dental dentures are not permanent and aren’t attached permanently to the natural teeth or jawbone hence can be placed and inserted by the patient without help from the dentist. This makes them great for when one has to replace lots of teeth all at the same time especially if multiple teeth all located on the same row are missing. Next up we shall look at what they are made of and here we discover that the artificial teeth part of dental dentures has moved on from the days where they were primarily made out of porcelain or plastic and they are now generally made out of hard resin. The support structures of these dentures, the one that resembles the gums is also usually made out of similar resin or flexible polymer material.

Next up we shall take a look at the different kinds of dental dentures and here you will find that there are two types, partial and complete dentures. Partial dentures are usually used when the surrounding natural teeth or the jawbone is not strong enough to support other tooth replacement methods such as dental bridges or dental implants. As is explained that partial dental dentures are usually fitted to the part of the gum with the missing tooth and fastened on to the nearby natural teeth although the fastening is not permanent and can be removed easily at any time for cleaning or when one wants to sleep. Complete dentures on the other hand are the sort that replace all of one’s natural teeth and can be fitted for either the top or bottom gum line. These type of dental dentures are held in place through the help of oral adhesive or by suction or both, but just like in partial dentures, they are also easily removable. Another thing that is worth mentioning is how dental dentures are created and here you will discover that since every case is unique, it first requires the building of a comprehensive picture of the patient’s mouth and measurements taken to ensure that the dentures created fit precisely one’s specifications. Therefore, patience is key as it will take a while before your dentist can get the specifications right. It will also likely take a while for one to get used to the feel of the dentures in the mouth once you start wearing them and hence patience is important here as well.

Another thing that is also worth mentioning is that dentures are generally meant to be worn during the day and should be removed at night and left to rest in a cleaning solution overnight. This, as per the gurus over at dentist in Katy TX, allows the mouth to rest and carry out its own maintenance process including the resting of the gums as well as cleaning and clearing of debris in the mouth by saliva and the tongue. You will however be advised by your dentist as to how long you should wear your dentures for. Don’t be surprised when you are told by your dentist to wear them overnight initially as this is designed to give the indication of which parts of the dentures need to be adjusted since if you wear them through the night and wake up with one side of the mouth sore, it indicates that adjustments need to be made on that side of the dentures. It is also important to note that it is important to clean your dentures by brushing them as you would normal teeth on top of letting them rest in a cleaning solution when you’re not wearing them such as at night when you need to go to bed. Since they are not permanent, you should also ensure that you get regular check-ups by your dentist so that you know when they need replacing. Finally, we shall take a look at cost implications and here it is clear that dental dentures are cheaper than implants or bridges. Partial dentures are also cheaper than complete dentures, with costs also depending on the amount of specialist attention one requires.

Hopefully this article will help you fill in any information gaps you may have as far as dentures are concerned, with more on this and other related topics to be found over at vitadentalspring.com.