What to Do if You Swallowed Your Braces’ Bracket – 10 Facts

What to Do if You Swallowed Your Braces’ Bracket – 10 Facts

You are not the first; it happens. Once in a while, a bracket will come off your braces and find its way to your belly, unconsciously of course. When this happens, most people panic wondering what is going to happen next. Are they going to get sick? Will they need a doctor?

So, which is the best way to react if you swallow your braces’ bracket? Here are ten factors to keep in mind if this ever happens to you.

It happens

It is rare, but people do swallow their brackets. This happens when the braces get lose and the brackets come off as a result. In most cases, it is the victim’s fault as a result of trying to fix loose braces themselves. In other cases, it occurs owing to accidents that knock brackets off without the wearer’s realization. It can also happen when chewing on tough food in an inconsiderate manner. 

An X-ray check is necessary

You can never be sure where the bracket you have swallowed is – it may be stuck in your gut, your lungs, or your stomach. To be sure, experts recommend undertaking an x-ray test if you observe complications such as pain in the chest and stomach. The x-ray test will help diagnose the problem and offer solutions for the way forward.

It’s often harmless

No one has died from swallowing a bracket from their braces. The brackets often go to the belly where they undergo the natural process of everything you eat. Since most brackets are made of titanium or porcelain, they do not react negatively with the digestive juices – in fact, they hardly react at all. This means that, except for the disturbing realization that there is a foreign object in your belly, nothing else really happens.

It may cause complications in your stomach

As explained earlier, swallowing a bracket is often harmless. However, different people’s anatomies vary in certain factors. For instance, the gastric juice may corrode the titanium or porcelain, causing the release of materials that may result in stomach-related complications. To this end, some victims may complain of stomach aches and heartburn. These symptoms may linger for some time, and it is recommended to report to the physician for medical help.

It may cause complications with your breathing

Have you ever had a food particle stuck in your breathing system? In the same way, a bracket can get diverted to the breathing system especially since it is a foreign item. When this happens, you are bound to get complications with your breathing system. The bracket may get stuck at the lungs or windpipe, hence causing slow and heavy breathing accompanied by pain in the chest. When this happens, it is recommended to visit the physician for medical help.

It will often pass through naturally

The above worst case scenarios should not be ruled out, but in some cases, the bracket will follow the natural course of everything you eat. It will get deposited in the belly, pass through the intestines, and eventually get deposited with the rest of waste materials. This means that most people often pass their brackets when nature calls. In this case, it is a matter of time.

You may need to visit a physician

It is unavoidable – you will have to visit a physician some point after swallowing your braces’ bracket. For starters, the braces have to be repaired afterward, and you will need to visit your dentist to do this. Additionally, complications may necessitate medical help. The physician will help determine where exactly the bracket is, what its likely effects will be, and how to get it out.

Surgery is hardly needed but may be necessary in some cases

As explained earlier, the bracket will likely get passed out of the body next time you go to the bathroom. However, it may get stuck in some cases. In severe conditions, your physician may recommend surgery to get rid of the bracket. This becomes necessary if it gets stuck in the intestine or finds its way to the lungs, hence causing breathing complications that can be fatal if left untreated. Fortunately, surgery is rarely ever needed, but it helps to keep an open mind. 

You can avoid it

Swallowing a bracket from your braces would be tragic, so it pays to avoid it altogether. This can be easily done by taking proper care of your braces and getting them fixed or tightened when they become loose. You should also avoid tampering with the braces and take caution when partaking in activities that may result in accidents. 

Visit a qualified and competent dentist

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