What to Do During a Dental Emergency

What to Do During a Dental Emergency

Any dental emergency such as an injury to the tooth or gums should not be ignored. It could have potentially disastrous results. If not attended to, it increases the risk of permanent damage and the need for more expensive and extensive treatment later. Here are a few tips that we at Vita Dental Spring think you will find useful in case of a dental emergency.

A Toothache

For this dental emergency, we at Vita Dental Spring recommend that you first rinse your mouth using warm water. You should then use dental floss to get rid of any food stuck between the teeth. If the mouth is swollen, apply a cold compress to the cheek next to where the mouth is aching. Never place painkiller next to the gums where the tooth is aching. This could burn the gums. Go and see the dentist as soon as you can.

Broken or Chipped Tooth

For this situation, we at Vita Dental Spring recommend that you save any pieces you find. Our dental experts at Vita Dental Spring could restore it. Rinse the mouth and any broken pieces you salvage with warm water. If you are bleeding, apply gauze to the bleeding area for 10 minutes or until you are no longer bleeding. Apply a cold compress to the outside near the bleeding area. See the dentist as soon as possible.

Knocked Out Tooth

Retrieve the tooth and hold it by the crown. Rinse the root with water if there is dirt on it. Do not scrub it or try to get rid of any tissue on it. Try to push it back into the socket. Before doing that, ensure that it is facing the right direction. If it will not fit, do not force it.

If it does not go back, place it in a small container of milk or water with some salt if there is no milk. When possible, visits the dentist and have it placed back. We at Vita Dental Spring have the ability to save a knocked out tooth with a high probability. This likelihood of being saved diminishes the more time elapses.

Extruded Teeth

This tooth has been partially dislodged from the jaw. See the dentist immediately. Before that, place a cold compress to the outer part of the cheek to reduce the pain. Take a pin medication if you need it.

Object Caught Between the Teeth

First, try using dental floss to remove the object. If you cannot reach the object, see your dentist. Never use a sharp object, and especially a metallic pin to poke the object. These instruments will scratch your gums and teeth, making them weaker.

Lost Filling

A stopgap measure is to place a piece of sugarless gum in the cavity. You can also use an over the counter dental cement to cover the hole. After that, see the dentist to get the help you need.

Lost Crown

If the crown falls off, ensure that you make an appointment to see the dentist as soon as you can. If you are unable to reach the dentist and the tooth causes you pain, use a cotton swab and apply clove oil to the sensitive area. If possible, slip the crown back over your tooth. Before you do that, cover the inside of the crown with toothpaste, OTC dental cement or a dental adhesive. Never use super glue.

Broken Braces

If the wires break or stick out, it can start pocking your tongue, cheek, or gum. Use an eraser to push the wire into a more comfortable position. If you are unable to push the wire, cover the edge with some dental wax or gauze. Never cut the wire since you might swallow it or breathe it into your lungs.

Loose Bands or Brackets

Use dental wax to reattach the braces. You can also place the wax over braces to offer a cushion. After that, visit your orthodontist. If the band has come loose, save it and book an appointment with Vita Dental Spring.


When this happens, we would recommend that you visit Vita Dental Spring as soon as you can. This is so when you see a pimple-like swelling on the gum that can be painful at times. However, even if it is not painful, we still recommend you visit the dental office. You can ease the pain by drawing the pus to the surface and rinsing the mouth with salt water.

Soft Tissue Injury

This is an injury to the tissues in the oral cavity such as cheeks, gums, lips, and the tongue. This can lead to a lot of bleeding depending on the injury. If the is so, we at Vita Dental Spring recommend that you rinse the mouth with a salt-water solution. Hold a piece of gauze and apply pressure to the bleeding site for about 20 minutes. If it does not stop, visit the dentist.