What orthodontist do- Orthodontist in Spring Texas

What do orthodontist do? How does one become an orthodontist? What makes orthodontists different from other dentists? What treatment options do orthodontists have? Well, we take a look at what orthodontists are and what their job description is.


An orthodontist is a dentist specialist whose main aim is to diagnose, treat and prevent any facial and dental irregularities. Their practice in the dental scene is therefore limited to dentofacial treatment and diagnosis using an array of treatment options.

How to become an orthodontist

As earlier on mentioned, an orthodontist is a dentist specialist and as such they go through dental school just like general dentists. Orthodontists however specialize further and take a three year course which seeks to give them extensive clinical experience in orthodontic residency. Their main area of concern is the dentofacial region although they are trained and can operate like general dentists.

What orthodontists do

As we have come to know them, orthodontists are mainly concerned with correcting misalignments in teeth and in the jaws. Here are some of the most common issues which orthodontists deal with;

Correcting malocclusions- Malocclusions or a serious dental condition where the upper teeth and lower teeth don’t coincide with one another when the mouth is closed. Either the upper or lower set of teeth are positioned further forward than the opposite set of teeth. This condition is referred to as anteroposterior deviation and if it is not corrected on time, it can be the genesis of far more serious complications which affect both teeth and jaws.

Overcrowding of teeth

The other problem which orthodontists help to correct is the overcrowding of teeth. In the event that teeth are not evenly spaced out, then an orthodontist will be called upon to evenly space the teeth out and realign them properly. If the teeth are not evenly spaced out, it will not only make it very difficult to carry out activities like chewing but will hinder things like proper sprucing of adult teeth.

Misaligned teeth

Orthodontists are also tasked with realigning any misaligned teeth in the mouth and bring some order. Misaligned teeth are the main cause of malocclusions and as we have already seen, they can be the cause of more serious problems. Orthodontists are expected to realign the teeth and prevent serious problems from developing.

Aesthetic dentistry

The other duty of orthodontists is to perform aesthetic dentistry to improve the appearance of both teeth and the facial appeal. Orthodontists are trained in facial growth, biomechanics and the generally dentofacial dynamics. As such, they are able to restructure, realign and modify any dentofacial element to aesthetically improve its appearance and performance.

Treatment options available to orthodontists

Orthodontists have an array of options that they use in their daily practice. Here is a look at some of the most common orthodontic treatment options;

Dental braces- Braces are orthodontic treatment devices which work by applying continuous pressure on maligned or crooked teeth. They are made up of metallic brackets which are attached to a wire that runs across a wire which encapsulates the affected teeth. Orthodontic bands are used to provide anchorage for the metallic brackets and ligatures hold the arch wires securely in place.

By applying continuous pressure in a specific direction for a long period of time, the bone that anchors the teeth moves hence changing the shape of the teeth aligning them as desired. To be effective though, the braces need to be tightened at-least once or twice in a month. There are different types of braces.

Headgear-facial irregularities and other developmental problems can be corrected using headgears. The beauty of using headgears in correcting facial irregularities is that they can improve the profile of the entire face and not just the affected area. This makes them an asset in orthodontist even though they are not popular in dentistry.

Retainers- Once teeth have been realigned by dental braces, then orthodontists use special plastic retainers to keep the teeth in the desired position. The retainers are to be worn until bone has permanently reformed into the desired position.

Surgery- Just like all the other dentists, orthodontists can look to surgery to correct various dentofacial complications. When improving the aesthetics especially, dentists look to surgery and this helps them to achieve whatever restructuring that they intend to achieve.

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