What is the Best Solution for Missing Teeth

What is the Best Solution for Missing Teeth

The importance of our teeth cannot be stressed highly enough and go beyond the role the play in aesthetics especially when we smile, as they play a key role in nutrition given they enable us to chew and break down food before we swallow it. Dentists, such as the fantastic ones over at vitadentalspring.com, recognize this and will work hard and do their best to help keep our teeth healthy and keep them in our mouths. Every time you visit your local dentist, you can be sure that their first priority is to ensure that you don’t lose any of your teeth. However, there are instances where teeth can’t be saved as much as your dentist may try and the inevitable conclusion is you may end up losing the affected tooth or teeth. This may be as a result of severe decaying of the tooth or maybe the tooth is broken. Broken teeth can be as a result of trauma to the mouth either from an accident or through fights, or acts such as opening bottle caps with your teeth, which is something dentists warn against. Anyway, once you lose a tooth or teeth, the good news is that you have options available to you as far as replacing them. This article will look to highlight some of the best solutions to replacing missing teeth with the hope that it will enable you arrive at one that is the best solution for you.

Of all the options out there to replace missing teeth, the one option that comes closest to looking and feeling like your own natural teeth is the dental implants option. Dental implants are the next best thing after your natural teeth and as such they are arguably the best option to replace any missing teeth you may have. How they work, as is covered in detail over at vitadentalspring.com, is that a titanium rod is implanted into your jawbone at the site of the missing tooth, to act as the root, and once it is “accepted” by the body and integrates with the surrounding bone a crown is placed on it and the result is your missing tooth is replaced with one that looks just like your very own natural teeth. Dental implants are a great solution to replace missing teeth as they have a high success rate, as high as 98%, they offer great aesthetic value as they resemble one’s natural teeth, they are stable and comfortable, they don’t affect adjacent teeth when being implanted and do to the fact they are a permanent solution, they require less maintenance as compared to the other solutions. Some of the drawbacks of dental implants include the fact that they can be quite expensive, to get them one requires surgery and are not recommended for certain patients such as those who are heavy smokers, those with diabetes among others.

Other than dental implants, another solution to one’s missing teeth problem is the dental bridges one. This is considered a great solution for folks that are only missing one tooth as it utilizes the teeth either side of the missing one to hold the fake tooth in place. Bridges have a number of advantages key among them being that given they are fixed, they offer a more permanent solution than other options such as dentures as well as offering better functionality as well, as per the subject matter experts over at vitadentalspring.com. They also offer good aesthetic value as they look just like the natural teeth in your mouth. They also don’t require as strict requirements to get them as dental implants and as such are open to more people from any age. It should also be noted that they are cheaper than dental implants. Some of the drawbacks as far as dental bridges are concerned include the fact that since they depend on adjacent teeth, one has to have said adjacent teeth on either side of the missing one to get them. It is also harder to clean in and around the bridge making it harder to maintain them. Compared to dental implants, the success rate of dental bridges is lower as well.

Other than the above options which are fixed hence more permanent solutions, there are also less permanent ones one can explore and this is where dental dentures come in. they can be used to replace one or a number of missing teeth or even to replace an entire arch of teeth, as is covered in detail over at vitadentalspring.com. They are not fixed meaning that it is common practice to take them off at night when sleeping. Some of the advantages of dental dentures when compared to the other two solutions above include the fact that they are the cheapest of all the solutions, they also don’t require surgery meaning the process of getting them is non-invasive as well as the fact they also don’t need any alterations to be done on any existing teeth. However, they do have drawbacks such as the fact they don’t offer as much aesthetic value as the other two more permanent solutions, they are also less stable as they are not permanently fixed which also makes them less functional. They also will have to be replaced when they get worn out as they don’t last as long as the other more permanent solutions.

It is our hope that you will be able to scrutinize the pros and cons of each of the above options and thereafter be able to arrive to the best solution for you as far as replacing missing teeth goes, with more information on the same to be found over at the trusted vitadentalspring.com.