What Does It Mean If My Teeth Aren’t White?

What Does It Mean If My Teeth Aren’t White?

Your smile is one of your greatest assets with the kind of confidence you get to build around people, at work and even at social events. Nothing beats an all pearly white grin. What is the secret behind white teeth? What is causing the brown and yellow stains? How can you rectify the condition?

Sources of Tooth Discoloration

Staining Beverages

Beverages such as coffee, tea, soda, and whiskey among others tend to leave some stains on your teeth. Sugary beverages tend to wear away the enamel which is the tooth’s outermost part. This results in revealing the dentin which is the tooth’s inner layer just below the enamel that is yellow in color. Moreover, some beverages such as sodas and wine have coloring components that further the staining of the enamel.

Staining Foods

Foods such as beetroots, citrus fruits, berries, and even tomato sauce among other foods are rich coloring agents that may cause staining. Some have acids that eat away the tooth enamel hence reducing the whiteness of one’s teeth.


Chewing or smoking tobacco certainly causes the staining of teeth apart from causing diseases such as lung cancer in the long run. Tobacco is naturally brown colored and leaves behind stains on teeth whether smoked or chewed. Besides tobacco is downright unhealthy and has been associated with tooth loss, oral cancer, and gum disease.


Poor dental habits and care can cause teeth staining or yellowing. Accumulation of food debris over time causes tartar which causes the teeth to stain. This also encourages the buildup of plaque. This not only makes your teeth look bad but also contributes to bad breath and even acts as a predisposing factor to conditions such as tooth decay. To maintain the whiteness of the teeth, one should brush and floss regularly and also visit the dentist for check-ups.


Natural teeth tend to become yellow as we age. Why? The enamel which is the protective, outer part of the teeth, tends to wear off or become thinner as we age. The thinner the enamel the easier it is to display yellow dentin underneath.

Unhealthy teeth

Unhealthy teeth are more vulnerable to the yellowing of teeth. The pulp of your tooth ensures that whole tooth and its structures are healthy and alive. If the pulp is unhealthy then it replicates the condition to the tooth making it discolored from the inside out.


Teeth are also from the DNA which differs from one individual to another. While some could be born with white pearly teeth, some are born with slightly discolored teeth although healthy. In such a situation, one cannot change the genetic makeup of the teeth but can explore various tooth whitening options. 

How to Handle Discolored Teeth

There are various options one can explore with an aim of whitening teeth. Options can be determined by the budget, the type of results you need or even how quickly you want your teeth whitened.

Tooth cleaning

If the dentist determines that you have tartar buildup, a thorough scaling, polishing, and root planing procedure may follow. Scaling involves breaking down the plaque and tartar build-up from the teeth using a special ultrasonic instrument. Polishing ensures that the surface of the tooth is smooth while root planing removes any plaque from the root canal of the tooth. All procedures are handled by a dentist with special instruments. The dentist will then schedule appointments to monitor the progress and even clean them again.

Tooth Whitening

You may want to check in with the dentist before trying this method on your own. The dentist will professionally clean your teeth using lasers and concentrated bleaching products. While some people get results in just one visit, some may require a few more visits before attaining the required results. Your dentist may also guide you on how to whiten teeth on your own until you get the desired results.

Improve Oral Hygiene Standards

Whatever color your teeth maybe now, you can prevent further yellowing by improving the oral hygiene standards. This includes brushing and flossing teeth regularly at least twice a day. Fluoride kinds of toothpaste help strengthen the enamel hence hard to stain. You could also tell your dentist to recommend you fluoride-rich mouthwashes to help you improve the state of your teeth.

Avoid Foods and Drinks That Can Stain Teeth

While taking foods and drinks such as wine, grapes, beetroots, and coffee is not bad, one shouldn’t make it a habit. Discipline yourself to limit consumption of these kinds of staining foods. You could also brush or rinse your mouth and teeth with water after taking them.

If you are caught in between this type of condition where you do not know what to do to discolored teeth, your dentist will be the right person to see. Your dentist will examine your teeth and advise accordingly on the best method. At Vita Dental Houston clinic, the experts will handle your case exceptionally with every procedure delicately done.