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What Dentist Use to Clean Teeth

Have you ever wondered what dentists use to clean teeth? Well, we talked to one of our own here at Vita Dental Houston to understand the rigorous process of cleaning teeth. Dr. Sang Pil Yu, DDS is one of the most experienced dentists here at Vita Dental Spring and he was more than willing to help us understand the process of cleaning your teeth. Here is what Dr. Sang Pil Yu, DDS had to say;

There are different tools that dentists use to clean up your teeth. This will depend on the amount of build up the dentist realizes on your teeth. There are also various procedures that take place during teeth cleaning process. A number of the specialized instruments can be used to gently remove the build-ups, without causing pain to your teeth or making you uncomfortable. The instruments are discussed below:

Ultrasonic Scaler

How does an ultrasonic scaler clean my teeth? This is a question asked by many people. However, here is the detailed information on how the instrument works. This scaler uses vibrations to extricate huge pieces of calculus deposits/tartar. The vibration goes alongside with spraying a mist of water on the teeth. This is done to wash away the debris and avoid re-sticking it to the teeth. It also prevents the area from heating up and becoming uncomfortable.

The instrument usually makes a high pitched or humming whistling sound. The sound is often loud and it also gets amplified by being in the mouth. It behaves the same way as an electric toothbrush when it is inside your mouth, during brushing process. The tool also has a curved hook and rounded tip which is passes around and over the teeth. However sharp the tips may look like, they are actually not. Their main function is to remove loose calculus deposits.

When a dentist takes a lot of time on a single spot, there is no need to panic. This may be because the spot has developed larger and hardened deposits, which may take too long to clear them out.

Hand Tools

There are hand-held mouth mirrors which assist dentists to see tartar deposits or even some signs of decay. For small and soft tartar deposits, dentists use curettes which are also characterized by pointed tips, to scrape away tartar and plaque from teeth surface. Just like scalers, curettes have rounded ends and they are used to clear tartar deposits underneath the gums.


After successful plaque removal and tartar lurking in patient’s mouth, polishing of teeth takes place. This is done to make them look shiny and bright. Polishers can be slow-speed rotary tools which buff away the uneven areas on teeth. The rotary tools are usually drills which are replaced with a very soft rubber cup. The rubber cup is filled with a special tooth polishing paste known as Prophylaxis paste. The paste tastes like mint flavored mud and also feels like gritty toothpaste. After filling the rubber cup, the dentist starts it up, and then selectively place the spinning rubber on your teeth surface to polish it. The aftermath is an even and smooth surface of teeth. Healthy gums attach easily on polished teeth, and plaque and tartar find it hard to attach themselves to polished teeth or even grow on them.

Polishing is a standard part of check-up dental clean. It may also have a little therapeutic value to some patients therefore sometimes not necessary.


X-rays are used to take images of their patient’s mouths to check for the presence of lodged food particles in the mouth and any cracks on the teeth. Whatever naked eyes miss, then x-rays will most certainly pick up.


Syringes are also part and parcel of teeth cleaning process. Dentists may require administering a local anesthetic using a syringe. This normally applies to low-tolerance for pain patients. Advanced cases of periodontal infections or excessive tartar build up, a more serious cleaning is required. It may be so thorough that it may cause pain and bleeding in patients. Therefore, a local anesthetic is mostly used here and it is provided by a syringe.

The above tools are used by the dentist to clean teeth or carry out cleaning procedures involving teeth. Cleaning of teeth is a very crucial dental hygiene strategy and therefore should be handled with caution and administered by skilled personnel’s. The tools too require a special care since they are inserted in one’s mouth.

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