What Are Invisalign Aligners

What Are Invisalign Aligners

Although many people want to have straighter teeth, they don’t want the ugly metal brackets and the discomfort that comes with the conventional orthodontic work.  If you are one of them, visit Vita Dental Spring because you might want to consider Invisalign.

Invisalign aligners are far less noticeable compared to braces, have no metal brackets and are custom made for your teeth.  The aligners are made from clear plastic and work in a series of trays that gradually move your teeth into place. Your teeth will usually move up to 0.25 mm per tray. Each tray is custom made so that the teeth are slightly straighter than the previous tray.

What to Expect During the Treatment Process

First, you’ll want to make an appointment with Vita Dental Spring to set up a consultation with an experienced Invisalign provider. They are able to determine whether Invisalign will work for your teeth, and can also answer any medical or financial questions you may have.

Keep in mind that not every orthodontist or dentist will have professional experience or training with Invisalign. Invisalign-trained providers such as the ones at Vita Dental Spring have attended specialized instructional sessions and participate in ongoing clinical training.

Therefore it’s important to visit a provider, like those found at Vita Dental Spring, who are fully trained to give you your best smile through Invisalign. 

After your consultation, your Vita Dental Spring dentist performs a digital scan to create a custom-made treatment plan for you using precise 3-D images of your teeth. This helps to map out their movements over the progression of your treatment.

These 3-D images are then used to create your customized aligners using smooth, BPA-free thermoplastic material.  They are clear, thin and fit snugly over your teeth thus making them virtually invisible. The material is non-irritating and comfortable for constant wear.  After every two weeks, you will progress to your next set of aligners, until your teeth have shifted into their final position.

Apart from controlling the force used to straighten teeth, Invisalign also controls the timing of force application. Only a few teeth move during each stage and this is determined by your Vita Dental Spring doctor as they map out your individual treatment plan.

The Treatment Timeline

The treatment time for an average adult is around one year; however, the period varies due to the severity of each individual case. For teenagers, treatment time can vary. Whichever the case, your Vita Dental Spring doctor will work closely with you to develop an individual treatment plan to cater to your unique needs.

In addition, your Invisalign provider may use more attachments than expected, to further perfect your smile. Recent Invisalign procedures may include attachments or tooth-colored ridges that may be placed on your teeth to help the aligner grip the teeth better.

On completion of the Invisalign treatment, most doctors would recommend using a retainer to prevent teeth from gradually moving back to their initial position. They will also give you specific instructions on how often you should wear them so as to achieve your desired results.

Invisalign Treats a Variety of Dental Problems

Gaps in the teeth, underbite, overbites, and crowded teeth are a few of the problems that Invisalign can correct.

Gapped teeth tend to leave the gums exposed and can cause or aggravate the periodontal disease. Overbites and underbite can stress the jaw, thus leading to painful joint problems.

Overly congested teeth frequently can lead to the accumulation of plaque.  It is difficult to floss effectively at these crowded areas and improper cleaning can lead to the formation of cavities.

Invisalign Doesn’t Interfere With Your Daily Life

You can wear your Invisalign aligners as you go about your daily duties.

Clean them every morning and evening just as you would do with your teeth, to keep them fresh and clear. Your dentist at Vita Dental Spring will advise you on the appropriate Invisalign cleaning system.

When it’s time to eat, you will be required take them out, which means you can enjoy all your favorite meals without fear of food getting stuck in wires or brackets.

Invisalign is also great for people who play contact sports, particularly those that require mouthguards. Simply remove the aligners while playing and remember to put them back on when you’re done.

Other Things You Should Know About Invisalign

During the first few days of each treatment stage, it is normal to feel uncomfortable due to the extra pressure from the new aligners. The discomfort will subside as the teeth continue shifting in place. 

Often, the Invisalign cost is similar to that of braces. However, your doctor is in a position to determine the cost of your treatment based on the complexity of your case and the number of aligners you may need. Visit Vita Dental Spring to learn more about affordable payment plans for Invisalign treatment.