What Are the Ways to Prevent Braces Pain?

Dental Braces are highly effective in straightening teeth and getting rid of malocclusions. They are widely used nowadays and have helped millions of people in the world to achieve the straight smiles they have been yearning for. Although braces are loved for their effectiveness, they are equally dreaded by many because of the soreness and pain that they are associated with.

After one gets braces, he/she will experience some uncomfortable times but this is totally understandable. Dental Braces exert a lot of pressure on the teeth and the pain is therefore inevitable especially during the early days. The good news however is that braces pain is temporary and can be minimized. If you are struggling with painful braces, then use these 10 recommendations for reducing braces pain;

10 recommendations for reducing braces pain

Gently massage your gums

Gently rub your gums like you would massage any other part of the body when in pain. Massaging has been found to be therapeutic and helps ease the pain by relaxing the tissue. This will make your braces more comfortable and less painful.

Chop foods before eating them

Cut foods into small pieces before chewing them to reduce the chances of them aggravating any soreness or making the braces more painful. Chop down foods like sugarcane, vegetables and fruits.

Avoid eating crunchy foods

Hard and crunchy foods are the leading causes of painful braces. Biting into these foods requires a lot of force and the foods can easily injure the gums and make the braces feel more painful. If you have to eat these foods cut them down to small pieces as instructed above before eating them.

Gargle with salt water

It sounds ironic trying to use salt water to ease the pain but it actually works. Warm salt water has been used to alleviate pain and soreness from wounds and it will do the same to your painful braces. Just make sure you don’t use too much salt when making the concentration and use lukewarm water.

Ice packs

Ice and cold drinks help reduce pain in the body by numbing the nerves in the affected area. If you braces are feeling sore and painful therefore, use a small pack of ice or drink cold water to soothe them and alleviate the pain. Ice cream does the magic as well but it is too sugary and shouldn’t be eaten as often.

Resort to soft foods

During the first few days of getting new braces, consider eating soft but healthy foods for about a month. When braces are new and just after they have been tightened, they are so hard on the teeth that the teeth become sensitive. Any hard foods will therefore make the situation worse. Instead of the crunchy and hard foods, resort to smoothies, yoghurts, soups and soft potatoes.

Apply orthodontic wax

Orthodontic wax is very helpful when it comes to soothing sore gums and helping reduce the irritation. Apply a thin layer over the irritated area and sure enough you will start experiencing some changes.


If the pain is becoming unbearable and is emanating from specific areas of your mouth, consider trying a local anesthetic to reduce the pain. Anesthetics such as Orabase are highly effective when it comes to numbing the gums and will help you to do away with the pain and catch some sleep. They are however not to be used every single time as they have their own side effects.

Simple painkillers

If you can get your hand on a local anesthetic then over the counter painkillers are the other viable option left to help you overcome braces pain. Pain killers work very quickly and will provide relief literally minutes after you take them. Choose Panadol or Ibuprofen to reduce your braces pain and bring about some relief.

Warm washcloth

The same way cold ice helps relieve pain, so does a warm washcloth. Ideally it is advisable to use a heating pad on your jaws but if you can’t your hands on one then a warm washcloth will do the trick. The warmth soothes the painful gums and relieves all the pain.

The beautiful thing about braces pain is that it normally doesn’t last for days. Once your gums get accustomed to the pressure, you will no longer be experiencing the pain except when your dentist tightens them up. In the end though, it is worth all the pain, discomfort and suffering because your teeth will be straight and very beautiful.

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