How Vita Dental Can Help you Overcome Your Dental Anxiety

Are you scared of dental visits? Is your dental anxiety hindering you from receiving dental help? Well, don’t be ashamed of anything- dental anxiety is perfectly normal and millions of people suffer from the same. It is however very important to acknowledge that it is a delusional state of mind that you need to overcome if you really care about your oral health.

Here at Vita dental, we are always on hand to help our patients overcome their anxiety because we know all too well that the anxiety only serves to widen the communication and interaction gap between the dentists and patients. Our dentists are professionally trained to help patients overcome their anxiety and enjoy their dental visits. Here are 10 professional tips on how to overcome your dental anxiety as provided by Vita Dental;

Tips To Overcome Dental Anxiety

  1. Open up about your fears

The first step towards overcoming your dental anxiety, is to open up about your fears to a nurse or even your general practitioner. A lot of patients silently suffer from dental anxiety because they deem opening up shameful. Remember a problem shared is a problem half-solved. Talk to someone about your anxiety and that will mark the genesis of your overcoming.

  1. Choose your dentist wisely

Remember a lot of the anxiety cases experienced arise from awful first time dental experience. Thanks to unfriendly dentists, patients end up associating dental visits with nightmare experiences. It is therefore important to find you and your family a qualified and sociable dentist if you want to overcome your dental anxiety.

  1. Interact with your dentist outside the office

Keep in touch with your dentist even when you don’t need his/her services. Getting used to a dentist outside the office will help you get comfortable when you see him/her with the dreaded white dust coat in the office.

  1. Remember dentists are humans and mean well for you

You’ve got to remember that dentists are humans just like you and have no intentions whatsoever to hurt you. If anything, they are there to make your life better and protect you from nagging illnesses and dental complications. Changing your attitude towards the dentists will go a long way in helping curb your dental anxiety.

  1. Visit the dental office regularly

The best way to overcome dental anxiety is to face your fears dead in the eyes by making as many dental visits as you possibly can. The visits don’t have to be triggered by a complication or a problem. Visit your dentist’s office during your free hours and weekends just to get accustomed to the dental environment. Over time, you’ll realize that your anxiety will go away on its own.

  1. Choose low-stress appointment times

Some people’s dental anxiety is triggered by waiting too long in line to be served by their dentists. This is why it is important to settle for low stress appointment times when making a dental visit. This means that you will have enough time with your dentist and won’t have to worry about the other patients waiting in line.

  1. Listen to some soothing tunes while you wait in line

If you are waiting in line and are beginning to grow anxious, why not listen to some soothing music as you wait for your turn to be served? Soothing music can help your relax and feel at home. Suppressing the anxiety before it fully develops has been found to help overcome the dental fear most people have.

  1. Watch the foods you eat

There are some foods that have been found to trigger dental anxiety and if you are a victim of the anxiety, you should avoid them at all costs. Such foods include fast foods, alcohol and soda have been found to significantly increase the chances of patients developing dental phobia.

  1. Distract yourself as much as you can

The drilling sound and sight of the dentist’s tools of trades can be quite unnerving but the worst thing you can do is to let your mind start thinking about those things. Distract yourself as much as you can and let your mind wander off elsewhere. If there is a TV in the waiting room like there is here at Vita Dental, then watch it or engross yourself in reading a book or something else.

  1. Breathe during the dental procedures

Learn how to self-relax and calm down when you are in the dentist’s office. Breathe easy and keep talking with your dentists for as long as you can. This way, you’ll have eliminated any leeway for anxiety to set in and bother you.

Dental anxiety can be disturbing but it is by no means disabling. It is something that most people outgrow eventually and you should not be worried too much about it. If you need any help overcoming your dental anxiety, give us a call here at Vita Dental Katy or visit our offices and we will gladly offer insights and tips to help you beat the virtual monster.