Why Vita Dental in Katy is the Best Family Dentist?

Narrowing down on the best dentist is the first step to taking care of your family’s dental needs. For a more comprehensive care, it’s essential to visit a dentist every six months for professional cleaning and regular check-ups.

Vita Dental, a family dental practice in Katy, takes an all-rounded approach to your family dental needs. Vita dentists make you feel comfortable in a serene and relaxed environment, going through any procedures with the patients before conducting any dental treatment. Here’s why Vita is the preferred choice for families in Katy.

10 Reasons to Visit at Katy’s Best Family Dentist

  • Good aesthetics of the dental environment

The right choice of color, shapes, texture and natural light helps set the first impression and the mood of the patient. The excellent design speaks boldly of high standards and professionalism of work.

Vita chooses to go with the greens and orange hues with a touch of white and natural lighting to tone it down. This colorful, yet subtle blend sets a calm mood, while the patient awaits their turn in treatment.

  • Vita Dentists have the professional qualifications to match their exceptional service

Dental care is a delicate process that should only be in the hands of a qualified professional. Taking your time to consider your options and settle on a dentist you can trust will ensure that you get the best dental care for life.

Drs. Sang Pil Yu, DDS, Jisoo Shin, DDS and Seung Hyung Son, DDS are all Doctors of Dental Medicine from renown institutions such as the New York College of Dentistry, with a vast pool of professional experience in general dentistry as well as cosmetic dental procedures.

At Vita, you will receive the quality and personalized care for better dental health.

  • Vita Dentists are licensed to perform dental procedures

In the wake of current professional malpractice cases in the U.S, professional licenses are necessary for protecting the patients against irreversible damage to their dental health. Professional licensing dentistry boards are also important in validating insurance covers.

Vita Dental is licensed to offer dental services in Katy, to ensure that you get only the best from a qualified staff.

  • Emergency Dental Care at Vita will keep you at ease in case of any accidents

Emergencies occur anytime; injured teeth, knocked-out teeth or lost fillings need an immediate examination of the affected area, and may even need X-ray. Early diagnosis helps to alleviate any pain at its onset and prevents further damage to the adjacent teeth.

Vita dentist offers emergency dental care at convenient hours, including weekends to help ease the pain and salvage the situation.

  • You can access dental services on weekends.

When you are experiencing a toothache or a tooth infection, especially on weekdays, it’s often inconvenient to pass by the dentist for a quick fix. Vita Katy dentist open on Saturday also, Vita’s flexible work schedule allows you to see the dentist at your convenience.

  • Accessible location in Katy

Vita’s location along Fry Road is adjacent to convenient stops such as burger king and Starbucks; if you fancy a quick snack after your dental visit or a coffee power-up to warm up the freezing morning cold while you wait for your dental exam.

Fry Road is easily accessible from other streets directly adjacent to it; you can conveniently drop by the dentist during your mid-morning break or late afternoon after work for a quick fix or a routine check-up. Visit today for dental exam at Best Fry Road Dentist .

  • Outstanding customer reception

The first impression of Vita’s front office staff towards new as well as existing loyal clients is genuine and unique. They are professional in performing their duties, and the patients get a homely feel, which helps reduce the anxieties of a dental visit.

  • You can get your set of Clear Invisalign braces from Vita

Invisalign braces are the most preferred and advanced clear aligner system; teens prefer them over the traditional metal and porcelain braces, as they are much less noticeable.

Vita dentists have over recent years changed smiles in Houston, using Invisalign treatment. There’s no need to lose your confidence over misaligned teeth; then again, don’t wait until it’s too late. Schedule your appointment today, and start off on your treatment.

  • You have the most affordable treatment options for your family

Significant numbers of Houstonians shy off from dental treatment due to the perception that it might be too expensive; and way out of reach. Vita offers you the most comprehensive treatment as well as flexible payment options from which to choose.

Whether you are using your insurance covers or third party payments, Vita accepts most covers and major credit cards. And in case you have no insurance, Vita is keen on building lasting relationships with convenient payment plans that are friendly to your pocket.

  • You get the best comprehensive pediatric care

Vita dentists want you to have some peace of mind knowing that your kid’s dental treatment is always available. A routine check-up by our specialist doctors is the first step to ensuring a minor infection doesn’t morph into a cavity or related periodontal diseases.

And if your kid already has a deep cavity, it’s not too late to fill up the tooth. Schedule your appointment as soon as you notice some minor discoloration or increasing tooth sensitivity. Our caring dentists will come right to your rescue.