Veneer or Crowns: Which is Right for Me? – 10 Facts

Veneer or Crowns: Which is Right for Me? – 10 Facts

Many cosmetic procedures are available for achieving a perfect smile. Two of the most popular options are dental crowns and porcelain veneers. Both work great but each has its cons too. Here are 10 facts that we at Vita Dental Spring have prepared for you.

They are good at fixing most cosmetic concerns

When you pick crowns or veneers, both will help fix various cosmetic issues. They can help to correct discoloration, uneven teeth, misaligned teeth, and chipped teeth. However, veneers can only fix issues of the front teeth. Veneers are never placed on back teeth. Dental crowns can be fitted on the front and back teeth.

They are permanent

If the dentist tried to place a veneer or crown on your current teeth, it would not work. For the veneer or crown to look normal, they have to remove some of the tooth enamel. The crown or veneer is placed there to replace the enamel and protect the tooth. The veneers and crowns are supposed to be permanent. However, they often come off after some years and need to be replaced.

Less enamel is taken out for veneers

Both veneers and crowns will need you to lose some of the enamel. However, veneers will need less removal than crowns. This is because they are thin and cover the front teeth. While they cannot be reversed, it makes them less invasive. The more enamel that is removed, the more chances of the pulp being exposed. Damage may mean a root infection, which will lead to a root canal or extraction later.

Veneers are often cheaper

Porcelain veneers can cost $900 to $2500 per tooth. However, you may opt for resin veneers. They will fix the problem just like the porcelain veneers. However, these ones will cost you just $250 per tooth. A dental crown made of porcelain costs $800 to $3000 for each tooth. Porcelain metal crowns will set you back $500 to $1500. In some cases, the metal may show, which means they are best suited for the back teeth. 

Only crowns can reinforce teeth

Both crowns and veneers are good cosmetic options. However, only crowns will strengthen your teeth. This means that crowns are your only option in some cases. If you have large cavities or large cracks, veneers will simply not work. The dental crowns will not just make your teeth look good, they will also ensure that they do not break in future.

Crowns protect the whole tooth

For future tooth protection, crowns are the best option. Veneers will only cover the front of the teeth, making them impenetrable to bacteria. However, they leave the back and gum line exposed. The dental crown will cover the whole tooth, leaving you to worry only about the gum line.

You can still get both

The dentist may decide that your front teeth are good for veneers while the back teeth are weak and they need crowns. If that is the case, do not worry. Most people have both crowns and veneers and they live without any issues.

They cannot be reversed

Once your enamel is shaved off for crowns or veneers, it cannot be regrown. Thus, you will have to live with it. Ensure that you check out all your options before you decide to opt for crowns. For instance, you should check whether a simple dental cleaning or teeth whitening could solve your issue. For instance, if you have stained back teeth, consider whitening them before you decide to place dental crowns.

They can be done in one or three sessions

In most cases, veneers are placed in just one sitting. However, it could take you three visits or even more. It is especially so if they are many crowns and veneers that need to be placed on teeth. Thus, this is not a speedy procedure. You need to find the right dentist who can accommodate you into their schedule such as Vita Dental Spring. This way, you can be able to attend all the sessions without having to worry about affecting your job.

They have a shelf life of about 5 to 15 years

Dental veneers are meant to be permanent but they usually fall off or loosen after about 5 years. How long the crowns or veneers will last usually depends on how you treat them. For instance, if you do not brush often, the tooth could become infected with bacteria. This will cause the veneer or crown to loosen. However, if you brush often, avoid alcohol and tobacco and you do not use your back teeth to crash hard things, they will last for long.


Having read the above facts, you should be able to decide whether you need veneers and crowns or not. However, the best thing to do is to ensure that you look for the right dental expert.