Why You Are Having Unexplained Headaches And Jaw Pains?

Are you having severe headaches and unexplained jaw pain? Well, if you are a victim of these frequent headaches and unrelenting jaw pains, then you are not alone. Millions of Americans complain of headaches and jaw pain whose source they can’t quite put a finger on. Unknown to them is the fact that the headaches are directly as a result of poor dental habits or complications in their dental structure which need sorting out. Here is how dental complications trigger headaches.

When your bite is imbalanced, the surrounding muscles around your jaw will work harder each time you try to chew, swallow and even yawn. This is why you feel some popping sounds and pain spasms when you engage your jaws. The imbalance causes the trigeminal nerve system to malfunction and even send misinforming signals to your brain. These are interpreted as headaches and can elicit very painful responses characterized by a pounding sensation and pain when you try to chew.

Top 10 reasons having unexplained headaches and jaw pains

  • Malocclusions

Lack of uniformity in the mouth is one of the common reasons why you are having pain in your jaws and unexplained headaches. See, the teeth cause an imbalance in the mouth and uneven distribution of pressure when one is chewing food. This affects the muscles around the jaws and impairs the trigeminal nerve’s functioning.

  • Osteomyelitis of the jaw

This is an infection that travels through the body’s blood stream affecting an individual’s bones and any surrounding tissues. When an individual experiences osteomyelitis of the jaw, the temporo-mandibular joint is affected. This causes the patient to feel acute jaw pains, fever and facial swelling. Osteomyelitis is caused by a bacteria called staphylococcus aureus which is commonly found on the skin.

  • Temporomandibular Disorder

Temporo-mandibular disorders are the other common causes of acute jaw pain. Temporomandibular disorder, also known as TMD, affects the temporo-mandibular joint of the jaw.  The temporo-mandibular joint acts like a sliding hinge which connect your jaw bone to the skull. When it is affected by the TMDs, it results in massive pains around the jaw area. In addition to pain, this disorder can cause the jaw to painfully crackle when one is opening the mouth or chewing something. In severe cases, the disorder can even cause the jaw to become permanently stuck in an open or closed position. This condition is known as lockjaw.

  • Teeth grinding

Teeth grinding is a very common habit especially among children in America. I have never quite understood why the kids do it but I know for sure that it is a leading cause of jaw pains. When people clench their teeth tightly and grind them against one another, they put incredible amounts of stress on the jaws. Over time, this becomes habitual and such people end up grinding their teeth even in their sleep. This damages the jaws and soon they start feeling a throbbing pain when they try chewing or even talking.

  • Missing teeth

Missing teeth are a leading cause of jaw pains and unexplained headaches. See, missing teeth lead to an imbalance in the jaw and uneven distribution of pressure when chewing food. Over time, this culminates into pain and throbbing headaches out of nowhere.

  • Certain dental conditions

Certain dental conditions such as bleeding gums and cavities have been found to cause jaw pains as well. Although many of these issues don’t directly affect the jaw, the pain can be felt in and around the jaw area. People with teeth that are unevenly spaced out also experience jaw pains because of the imbalance caused by lack of proper spread of pressure on the jaw when chewing.

  • Gum infections

Some gum diseases have been found to cause jaw pain and stiffness around the neck area. Although they are rare, the infections can be very serious and need urgent medical attention. Conditions like lock jaw are slowly being wiped out but there are some reported cases still.

  • Abscessed Tooth

Abscessed teeth are the other leading cause of jaw pains which are often misinterpreted. An abscessed tooth is a painful infection at the root end of a tooth normally caused by severe tooth decay. The infection can also be located between the gum and the tooth. Trauma and gingivitis are also believed to cause abscessed teeth. An abscessed tooth is extremely painful and the pain can sometimes radiate into the jaw area. This makes one feel like the jaw area is almost on fire because of the intense pain.

If you are experiencing unexplained headaches and frequent jaw pains when chewing, it is time to visit your dentist and report the same. Left untreated for too long, these conditions can escalate and easily become calamitous. If you are in Texas and are looking a good dental office for all your dental problems, then look no further than Vita Dental Houston. We offer high quality services to the locals at a very affordable rate.