Unexpected Stress? Don’t Forget Your Smile

Unexpected Stress? Don’t Forget Your Smile

Do you suddenly have more on your plate? Is it a little too much to handle? Perhaps you are going through a breakup or a divorce. Perhaps a loved one has passed away, or you just lost your job. Although all stress is not negative, good situations can also be overwhelming. Sometimes, you could be parenting for the first time, settling into a new job, learning a new language, or settling into marriage.

When life is getting extra challenging, it is easy to relax and ignore your oral health. This should not be the case, because having good oral health will ensure that you have one less stressor. Neglecting your oral health could take away your smile, that you need to feel confident when facing challenges.  Vita Dental Spring wants to explore some of the results of forgetting your smile.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a common oral issue, that occurs when the layers of the tooth begin to get eroded. The extent of tooth decay you will experience depends on how long you decide to hold out on proper brushing, flossing, and booking an appointment with Vita Dental Spring. While it is easy to remember to brush your teeth, it is possible to postpone all your dental appointments. This is dangerous because you will give plaque a chance to grow and cause tooth decay.

Gum Disease

Unfortunately, gum disease is a prevalent oral condition among children and adults. It is easy to ignore the signs because gum disease is painless. Have your gums been swollen lately? Are you spitting blood when you are brushing? These are the early stages of gum disease known as gingivitis, that should be treated before moving to an advanced stage.

Tooth and Gum Pain

When cavities and gum disease is left untreated, then you will begin to experience pain. The pain could occur whenever you take anything hot or cold, or could also be continuous depending on the extent of damage in your mouth. Pain in the mouth is extremely uncomfortable because talking, eating and even sleeping will become a challenge. To avoid pain, ensure that you brush and floss regularly and visit your dentist for an extensive cleaning.

Bad Breath

Imagine not being able to talk to anyone comfortably, and have people avoiding you? Imagine not being able to kiss your spouse, or even have people calling you names because you have bad breath. It is important to know that bad breath is not necessarily a result of not brushing the teeth or perhaps taking too much alcohol. Sometimes, having foul breath is a result of an oral illness. It could be an infection, or also an indication of gum disease. Unfortunately, toothpaste and home-made solutions will not resolve your problems. You should visit the dentist if the bad breath does not stop.

Tooth Yellowing

As we grow older, the dentin, the inner layer of the teeth, replaces itself and gets darker with time. The exposed enamel also thins because of friction, and over time, the teeth appear discolored. The enamel can also get stained, especially due to consumption of staining foods, fluorosis, or tobacco smoke. Discolored teeth take away the brilliant white of your smile. To keep your smile healthy, you should visit the dentist and find a suitable tooth bleaching technique.

Loose Crowns or Dentures

If you have had any extensive oral work done, especially to replace a tooth, extra caution is necessary. Dentures or crowns put in place to replace missing teeth could become loose and fall off. Make time to visit the dentist to ensure that you do not lose your replacements, especially after paying for them. Keeping that perfect smile includes taking care of any fixtures, whether temporary or permanent.

Tooth Loss

Extensive cavities, and gum disease eventually lead to tooth loss. Tooth loss is painful, and efforts to get a replacement are costly. It is advisable to take care of your natural teeth to avoid future costs. Sometimes, replacements will have a shade different from your natural white, which will distort your smile.

How Can You Take Care of Your Smile?

Keeping the perfect smile is possible, as long as you maintain the routine, even when you are stressed. Brush and floss daily, and ensure you visit the dentist at least once in a year. Even if your teeth look perfectly healthy, visiting the dentist will ensure that your teeth are cleaned, not only to prevent dental caries but also prevent gum disease, tooth discoloration, and bad breath. It is also important to avoid sugary foods and using your teeth to bite on very hard objects.

Making an appointment with your dentist is easy. You can call, send an email, chat online, or even visit the dentist’s office. If you are looking for a well-equipped and reliable dentist, visit contact Vita Dental Spring today. We will keep your smile straight, white and bright for all to see.