What Type of Dentist Handles Implants?

Dental implants have become a very common form of dental treatment today. They have helped a lot of patients regain the fully functionality of teeth after accidents or infections that affect the original teeth. Dental implants are slowly gaining the edge over other alternatives like dentures because of their dependability and longevity. Unlike dentures, they are stronger and don’t need to be removed every single time one is having a meal or brushing the teeth. Besides that, implants are durable and will last for very many years. Actually if the owner is careful enough, the implants can last a lifetime and this is more than convenient.

So many people have heard about implants and their advantages over the other dental alternatives and are looking to get them. One thing that is not clear to many however, is the question of which type of dentist is responsible for installing dental implants. Are they categorised as medical necessities or cosmetic? Who should you approach when looking to get dental implants? We talked to a professional dentist from Vita Dental and he was more than willing to provide us with important insights on the right dentist tasked with providing dental implants. Dr. Sang Pil Yu, DDS is an experienced dentist with more than ten years of dental practice and is informed enough to answer the question for us. Here is what Dr. Sang, DDS had to say on the type of dentist that can put in dental implants.

Type of dentist that can put in dental implants

When it comes to dental implants, your family dentist, or general dentist, coordinates with a professional and provides the diagnosis for implant therapy. He or she often does the restoration of the implant that is surgically placed by the specialist whom he refers you to for that procedure. The surgeon is the professional that your general dentist usually works with and provides the impressions and other materials needed for the proper placement of the implant. Whereas the dentist is trained to work on the teeth, the surgeon has a better understanding of the areas surrounding the teeth and this information is important during surgery to install the implants.

Sometimes the general dentist would have acquired the extra training that is needed in order for them to be able to do the surgical placement of the implant. Some dentists further their studies while in med school and equip themselves with the knowledge required to successfully operate on a patient besides their dental knowledge. Remember that your general dentist’ primary concern is your long term well-being and if he/she feels that there is need to include another professional in your operation, then you need to oblige because it is for your own good in the end.

One of the dental specialists that work with your general dentist, at times, for your implant therapy, could be a prosthodontist. They do an extra two years of training in the field of prosthetics. These are medical experts and professionals whose area of specialization is the placement or crowns, bridges, removable dentures and complete dentures. They need to take an extra course and training on the placement of implants and other forms of prosthetics.

Another dental specialist that does implant placement would be an oral surgeon. They do an extra four years in the study of surgical procedures that usually includes implants. This specialist can easily sedate their patients and often do the more difficult implant procedures. Although they are rare nowadays, there still are some hospitals with oral surgeons whose main job is the placement of prosthetics and operations which are too complex for the general dentist. The reason why they are rare to find nowadays, is the fact that most dentists combine general dentistry with surgery training to increase their overall qualifications.

Another dental specialty that does a good job with implant placement is a periodontist. These are professionals who main focus is the gum treatment. They receive extra training in treatment of gum disease. Sometimes when patients get referred to them, they are a point where some tooth loss is inevitable. With their skill in surgical techniques they are in a perfectly suited for implant placement. Of course in this situation your dentist will have to restore the implant.

The final specialists that are emerging into implant placement are the endodontist. They go to a few years of extra training in order to treat teeth with endodontic therapy. They are, as all dentists, confronted with times when they lose teeth. With atraumatic extractions they can usually place implants successfully. Of course, in this case the dentist has to restore the implant.

Here in Vita dental Care in Katy, we have qualified dentists who can handle implants and a litany of other dental treatment options. They are experienced in the field and will competently handle any situation. Visit our offices or give us a call today to talk to our dentists on implants and they will gladly provide solutions that you need.