What Type Of Dentist Handles Braces?

The field of dentistry is wider than most people actually think. To many, a dentist is someone trained to treat teeth and offer professional advice on how to keep our teeth clean and safe from infections. Little do we think about the various branches and sub-branches involved in the treatment and care of teeth. I mean there are very many treatment options available in dentistry. From cavity filling, dental implants to braces, the options are so many that no dentist can handle all of them.

Today we want to demystify the general belief that all dentists are the same and our main focus will be the dentist in charge of braces and other corrective surgeries. What type of dentist can put in dental Braces? What else do those dentists do apart from braces?

Braces are a form of corrective surgery meant to straighten crooked, overcrowded or misaligned teeth into position and improve not just the aesthetic looks of the patient but the overall dental health. This type of treatment is handled by a professional referred to as an orthodontist. An orthodontist is someone whose main area of practice is correcting teeth and jaws which are out of position. This is achieved through braces and a couple of other treatment options.

What it takes to be an orthodontist

For one to qualify to be an orthodontist, the candidate has to graduate from an accredited dental school of course and then undergo at least two more years of additional training and practice in diagnosis, interception, correction of bite problems and offer advice on how to prevent such problems. They then need to be examined by the ADA before becoming full-fledged to operate in the medical industry.

As earlier mentioned, their main area of focus is the correction of malocclusions. This encompasses problems such as crooked teeth, misaligned teeth, teeth which are too close together or are overcrowded or teeth which are spaced too far apart. The above mentioned problems can cause serious complications if they are not addressed on time. Crooked teeth for example, not only make it hard to bite into foods and chew but can cause pressure imbalances between the upper and lower jaw and this is the root cause of temporo-mandibular complications. Malocclusions also affect the general appearance of someone and this eats into the self-esteem of the affected patient. Orthodontists therefore hold a very vital positions in the medial sphere and deserve all the recognition that they get.

How orthodontists get their work done

To help patients get a better and functional bite, orthodontists use a number of appliances. Contrary to popular belief, orthodontists don’t entirely use braces only in their work. There are a number of other appliances such as aligners and removable devices that the orthodontists employ in their work to help them align teeth correctly. Their expertise and training in jaw growth and the relationship between the alignment of teeth and jaw development, enables them to carefully select the best mechanism to use to get teeth to the desired positions. Other than installing and placing these devices into place, orthodontists do the other hand’s on activities like making adjustments to the devices installed and offering advice on how to keep the appliances clean and in optimal conditions.

Who needs to see an orthodontist?

Now that we have seen the people tasked with placing braces, the next big question is who should see an orthodontist. Why should you want to see an orthodontist? When is the best time to see an orthodontist?

Well, if you have naturally overcrowded teeth, misaligned or teeth which are too far apart, then you should be thinking about visiting an orthodontist. Equally if you had perfectly straight teeth but were involved in some form of accident and the positioning of the teeth was affected, then you need to make an appointment with an orthodontist. An orthodontist will not only help you achieve better looking teeth but will have helped you improve your dental health by far.

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