What are The Treatment Mechanisms to Deal With Underbites?

Growing up with an inherent dental problem can really affect your way of life and ability to maintain a beautiful smile. Having an oral complication should however not limit your life because most of the complications available can easily be treated. There are very many treatment options available for treating almost all the available dental complications and problems such as underbites should not hold you back. See almost a tenth of all Americans are born with an inherited underbite and of this number, only about half end up seeking the appropriate help.

Underbites or prognathism is a form of malocclusion where the lower teeth overlap the upper teeth with a relatively large proportion normally 30%-50%. There levels of severity of underbites vary from individual to another but the bottom line is all forms of underbite are dangerous and need to be addressed. Left untreated, underbites can cause severe temporomandibular joint disorders and trigger jaw pains when chewing, yawning and even swallowing food. Left for too long, underbites can culminate into irreparable complications which can’t be treated.

Luckily enough, here at Vita Dental, we have a wide array of treatment options available for correcting underbites. Our treatment mechanisms are highly effective and will grant you functional good looking teeth. Here are the 5 most common treatment mechanisms we use to treat underbites;

5 Treatment Option to Deal with Underbite

  1. Braces

Braces are the most effective and most common treatment option available for correcting underbites. Braces work by restraining the movement of teeth and will realign the teeth into position such that the upper set of teeth and lower set of teeth don’t overlap by very big margins when one tries to close his/her mouth. Braces are preferred by many because their effect is gradual and will give the bone holding teeth enough time to properly develop. There are very many types of braces that one can choose from and they are all very effective in correction of underbites.

  1. Jaw Surgery

When the underbite is too severe, dentists look to jaw surgery to correct the complication. Although it is not loved by many because of how tedious it is, it is very effective and will get the job done in the shortest time possible. For the best results possible, the surgery is combined with braces and retainers to maintain the position of teeth and prevent any further underbites in future.

    3.Retainers and jaw expanders

When braces are not an option, like in children for example, retainers and jaw expanders are used to correct underbite. Retainers work just like braces and limit the protruding of teeth by guiding teeth to grow properly. They take a little longer than braces to take full effect but they are very effective as well. Jaw expanders stretch the bone and cartilage of the palate in order to expand a growing child’s arch and prevent underbites. Jaw expanders are very efficient as well and will get the underbite corrected in a little over a year.

  1. Alternative treatment (without surgery or braces)

The most ideal treatment would be deep underbite correction without Dental braces, surgery or grinding on your healthy teeth. The best treatment would be non-surgical and non-invasive. By building a new ultra-thin layer of porcelain over the biting surface and the outside surfaces of the teeth, the patient has straight white teeth in just a matter of a couple of weeks that protects their healthy tooth enamel. This is ideal for many people not just because it is non-invasive but because it keeps one’s natural set of teeth.

  1. Extraction of teeth

In very severe cases, dentists are left with no choice but to extract some teeth to deal with the underbite. This is a very rare occurrence though in General modern dentistry because every dentist tries as hard as he/she can to work with natural teeth without extracting them. When the underbites pose a great threat to not just your oral system but start affecting your neck muscles and trigger unexplained headaches, the dentist has no choice but to extract a few of the protruding teeth. The teeth are then replaced with new dentures which perfectly fit with the corresponding teeth in the lower or upper jaw.

Whatever the cause or severity of your underbite, we have the best treatment options available here at Vita Dental. We always opt for the treatment option we think suits your problem and a lot of the times, the results are excellent. If you are struggling with an underbite or any other malocclusion in Katy therefore, look no further than our way for the best treatment at a competitive rate. Besides treating malocclusions, we offer a wide range of dental treatments with the help of professional and experienced dentists. For more information on our services, give us a call or visit our offices today and we will gladly welcome you to the already large Vita Dental family.