Top 5 Tips for Invisalign Wearers in Spring Texas

Top 5 Tips for Invisalign Wearers in Spring Texas

Invisalign has evolved to be a great option for those who do not prefer traditional metal and wire braces. While traditional braces make it hard for one to take out and easily brush teeth and even eat, Invisalign offer these options. Both Invisalign and braces have been used to rectify and align crooked teeth back into place to restore an attractive smile. In order to get the best from the treatment, one could follow a few tips.

Wear The Invisaligns At Least Twenty Hours A Day

An orthodontist will instruct you to wear your Invisalign daily between 20 to 22 hours a day minimum level. That will give you at least four hours of freedom which could be reduced to even one or two. These four hours should give you enough time to eat, brush, and floss in order to maintain high oral standards. Although Invisalign gives one the freedom to wear or remove them at any given time, don’t be tempted to wear them for less time in order to achieve the best results. The more one wears the Invisalign the quicker the desired results will be achieved.

The Only Drink You Should Take With Your Invisalign On Should Be Water

Other drinks such as coffee, tea, wine, soda, all stain your aligners. Your orthodontist will recommend taking of water with your aligners on. Taking sugary drinks may also sip past the aligners causing decay that will interfere with the desired results of the aligners. You are required to stick to taking water when aligners are in place at least until the treatment has yielded fruits.

Cleaning Aligners Every Day

Your aligners are geared to be worn every single day around your teeth. Just like you are required to clean your teeth daily through brushing and flossing so do your aligners need. This helps to keep your oral condition clean and healthy. Forgetting to clean aligners will create a breeding ground for bacteria to thrive. Bacteria will cause infections that will make the gums sore hence interrupting with the Invisalign treatment.

Just like you rinse teeth with clean water to wash away any remaining residue, rinsing aligners is equally important. Any residue left behind stuck in the aligners makes it uncomfortable to wear. Also be sure not to wash them in hot water, as this could disfigure the aligners rendering them useless.

Moreover, you are advised not to use toothpaste when cleaning aligners. Some kinds of toothpaste are too harsh and only cause the aligners to become dull and more visible. 

Always Toothbrush After Every Meal and Carry A Toothbrush when Travelling

One should make it a habit of brushing teeth after every meal before fitting the Invisalign back. This ensures that there are no food particles lurking between the teeth and the aligners. It might sound hectic, but this tip will always keep you on the right track to ensuring you will not have tooth infections and decays from food particles left. Bad breath from the decay can also be prevented easily. If brushing teeth after every meal turns into a hefty duty, your orthodontist will recommend that you chew sugar-free gum. In addition, not only does chewing gum help in keeping the teeth clean but after putting back the aligners, it helps in seating the aligners in place. Eventually achieving the desired results.

Another hack entails investing in a travel dental care kit. The kit should have a retainer case, toothbrush, aligner chewing gums, and toothpaste. For the dedicated patients, this could be your lifesaver kit.

Be Careful With The Aligners

Your orthodontist will train you on how to remove and place back the aligners carefully. It should start from knacking them in or out from the back of your teeth, then by gently loosening the aligners with the fingers all around the mouth. With time, this should be an easy task. Always handle the aligners gently to avoid damaging the aligners or cracking them.

You could also consider investing in an aligner removal tool that helps to remove the aligners quickly since you are trying to achieve the 22-hour routine. You could add this aligner removal to your dental kit for only $4 to $20.

Once the aligners are out, make sure to place them in the protective casing. Since the Invisalign are clear, they are easy to misplace. Also wrapping them in a cloth or piece of tissue could send them straight into the bin for being mistaken as trash. Placing them in the casing, not only protects them from displacement but also breaking and cracking from external forces.

One should also make regular visits to the dentist for check up and monitoring of the progress of teeth. Check in with Vita Dental clinic for consultation on whether you are a good candidate for Invisalign and the actual aligners treatment. The experts will guide you through the best practices when going through aligners treatment.