Top 5 Benefits of a Smile Makeover in Spring Texas

Top 5 Benefits of a Smile Makeover in Spring Texas

A dentist does more than perform necessary dental procedures; he will also perform some elective procedures. Most of the latter procedures are unknown by many despite the fact that they have many benefits. One of this elective procedure is a smile makeover. You might not have been born with a perfect smile but your dentist can make it better.

What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover is a comprehensive package of treatment that improves your overall dental health and your smile. These treatments might involve one or more of the following procedures:

Teeth whitening that will give you a radiant and sparkling smile

Cosmetic bonding which restores decayed teeth and other aesthetic imperfections

Porcelain veneers this will cover your stained, cracked, uneven, or chipped teeth.

Dental bridges that cover the gaps that have been created by missing teeth

Dental crowns that cover decayed or broken teeth

Gum restoration that gives you a healthy gum line to improve your smile appearance

Dental implants that are a replacement for missing teeth. They function like natural teeth.

What are the benefits of a smile makeover?

While the benefits of a smile makeover are numerous we look at the best five.

A happier you

You will be now at peace knowing that your smile is better. One of the benefits of smiling is that it makes you happier and more confident. You will also enjoy attending social gathering more than you used to. Most people with discolored teeth or gaps in their teeth are very self-conscious. Some will even stay away from the crowd as they might feel they do not fit in. This prevents them from truly enjoying their life. After a smile makeover, you will be more relaxed and the confidence will show in your smile.

Improved health

The benefits of a smile makeover go beyond the appearance you will enjoy better health too. Research shows that a genuine smile reduces your heart rate after a stressful day. Therefore, smiling literally eliminates stress. If you are comfortable with your teeth, you will give people a genuine smile.

Additionally, most people who require a smile makeover suffer from teeth sensitivity and some find it hard to chew certain foods. This makes them avoid healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables. The increased use of processed food can have a detrimental effect on the body.

Further, unhealthy teeth increase your risk of suffering from oral problems. Gum diseases, for instance, can result in crooked teeth and other cosmetic issues. Additionally, it increases your risk of suffering from heart and kidney diseases and even death. If you have an unhealthy bite, you might suffer from headaches or a ringing in your ear.

Most of these if not all health problems can be eliminated by a simple smile makeover. You not only improve your oral health but your overall body health.

Get more compliments

Having an attractive smile is very welcoming. Most people will look at your smile even before they look at what you are wearing. You will get more compliments on how beautiful you look.

If you are looking for a new love or even a job, a smile makeover can make all the difference. Most people confess that an attractive smile is one of the factors they consider before going on a date with someone. A healthy smile also increases your confidence even when you are talking to a potential partner. This makes you look attractive.

Even in the workplace, employers are likely to hire someone who is confident and has a straight smile. People who smile more while working seem like they are enjoying their job and are more approachable to clients and their co-workers. Such characteristics can help you earn a promotion in your place of work.

You will enjoy your food

Unhealthy teeth make it hard to chew or bite your food. This makes eating an unenjoyable experience. You might even find food being stuck in your teeth as you eat. Further, problems such as infected teeth or gum disease can lead to a bad taste in your mouth and bad breath. These will lead to unpleasant tastes in your mouth while you eat or after a meal.

Traditional dentures can fall off as you eat. This makes it hard to eat with them. They will also interfere with the taste of food in your mouth as they cover almost your whole mouth. However, there are options such as dental implants that can replace the dentures and ensure your taste buds and food flavors are not affected.

Quick results

You might want to improve your looks because you have an important event coming up. A smile makeover can take just a few days or hours. For instance, tooth whitening, smoothening the tooth edges, and porcelain veneers can be done in less than a day. However, plastic surgery and some cosmetic procedures can take many months or years before you get the result you wanted. If you want something that will make you stand out in that event think of a beautiful smile and consider a smile makeover.

If you have been considering a smile makeover, do not waste any more time. At Vita Dental, we offer smile makeover for those who live in Huston and the surrounding areas. Come and let’s make your smile beautiful.