Top 3 Reasons To See a Cosmetic Dentistry in Spring Texas

Top 3 Reasons to See a Cosmetic Dentist in Spring Texas

Have you ever wished that you had a brighter ad straighter smile? Do your teeth cause you embarrassment? A few decades ago, you would have had to live with the situation all your life. However, dental solutions have evolved in recent years, which means almost any dental flaw can be corrected.

Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that involves the appearance of an individual’s gum, bite, or teeth. The dentistry mainly focuses on aesthetics such as shape, color, size, and alignment. These procedures usually have a major impact on the life of a person. Here are some of the dental procedures done in cosmetic dentistry and the top three reasons to consider them.

Types of cosmetic dentistry procedures:

  • Inlays and Onlays

These procedures are also called indirect filling. They are made in dental laboratories and are used when teeth have mild to moderate decay. Besides that, they are utilized when there is not enough tooth structure to support the filling. An inlay is usually placed directly on the surface of the tooth. When the cusp or greater portion of a tooth is damaged, an onlay is utilized to cover the entire surface of the tooth.

Onlays and inlays are made in a dental lab from a resin material. They are attached to the tooth using dental cement. The onlays provide the support that strengthens teeth, restores shape, and avoids further deterioration or decay.

  • Composite Bonding

This is a type of dental procedure that involves the repair of damaged, decayed or discolored teeth that utilize material which is the same color as the enamel. The dentist will drill out the decayed part and apply the composite to the tooth. He will then sculpt the material into the right shape and cure it using a high-intensity light.

This procedure helps to cover the damage to the tooth and gives it the appearance of a healthy tooth. This procedure is one of the least expensive types of cosmetic dentistry that is offered to patients who have tooth decay, cracked, or chipped teeth.

  • Dental Veneers

Veneers are made using medical-grade ceramic. They are made for each individual for every patient to resemble the natural teeth of each person. These veneers look quite realistic. They are a great option for most cosmetic issues. They fix things such as cracked teeth, crooked teeth, and even huge gaps between teeth. The veneer is applied to the front of the tooth with the help of an adhesive.

  • Teeth Whitening

A basic cosmetic dentistry procedure is done is the dentist’s office. Whitening is mostly done after tartar, plaque, and other debris stick to the teeth. The teeth may also be whitened just to give them a lighter shade. Whitening occurs according to the preference of the patient. If someone feels that their teeth are not white enough, they can have them whitened.

Over time, teeth can become stained due to certain foods, drinks, and medication. The whitening can be done at home or at the dental office. Besides that, patients can utilize special toothpaste, which promises to whiten teeth over a period of two weeks.

This is the use of a comfortable and easy to remove clear aligner. It is a great option for adults who feel that they need to straighten teeth without using braces. Most people who have busy careers that involve getting in front of people prefer these aligners since they can be taken out while remaining inconspicuous while they are at work.

Top Three Reasons to Consider Cosmetic Dentistry

  • It can help you advance in your career

If you work as a model or actor, a slight problem with your teeth can affect your chances of getting great jobs. However, even when you do not need your appearance to live, you can still get a confidence boost with good-looking teeth. This will help you focus on your career, which will mean your boss will notice your increased efforts at work. Besides that, you will appear happier, which in the eyes of your seniors makes you look dedicated to your work.

  • Helps you express yourself better in public

If you have been told that you sound funny when you speak some words, it may be because of a lack of dental alignment. Besides that, you may have a gap in your teeth that cause a lisp. Whenever you have an issue pronouncing some words, it makes you seem incompetent. By getting cosmetic dental procedures done, it can help improve the image that people have of you in their mind.

  • You will look younger and more attractive

As you age, your teeth begin to wear down naturally. Besides that, they may lose their whiteness. If your teeth are worn out and discolored, it can cause people to deduce that you are old. However, by getting teeth fixed cosmetically, it can help to knock off a few perceived years. This can cause you to be considered for social gatherings where you would have otherwise been excluded. Visit us at Vita Dental dentist in Spring Tx for a consultation on how to correct your aesthetic dental issues.