Top 15 Best & Worst Foods for Dental Braces

If a dental professional has recommended braces, them taking action as soon as possible is essential. Braces can correct a bite that is abnormal, and this simple step could prevent a variety of other dental health issues (far more than just cosmetic). Whether you currently have dental braces or are in the process of getting them, you’ll need to know what you should and shouldn’t eat when you’re wearing braces.

The Top 15 Worst Foods for Braces

  1. Hard Candy – This type of candy will get stuck in your braces and in your teeth, often leading to tooth decay.
  2. Chewy Candy – Pieces of the candy will likely stick to your teeth and get caught in your braces in the same way that fragments of hard candy do.
  3. Gum – Gum is the same consistency as chewy candy, and it will also get stuck in places that it shouldn’t be.    
  4. Ice – Ice can weaken and break teeth, and it may exacerbate sensitivity.
  5. Hard crackers – These may be hard (and therefore, painful) to bite.
  6. Cookies – These can be difficult to chew with braces on your teeth.  
  7. Raw Vegetables – Raw vegetables are tough to chew with braces.  
  8. Whole Nuts – Nuts are also challenging for braces-wearers.  
  9. Jerky – Jerky is both tough and chewy, making it a nightmare for someone with braces.
  10. Pears – Pears will be difficult to eat in their whole form.   
  11. Apples – Apples will be similar to pears.  
  12. Popcorn – The kernels and seeds will get stuck in your braces.
  13. Steak or Ribs – Strands of the meat can stick in your dental appliances.
  14. Corn on the Cob – Consuming this food has a similar result to eating ribs.  
  15. Chicken Wings – Chicken meat is challenging to eat off of the bone with braces.

The Top 15 Best Foods for Braces

Best Food and Beverages

  1. Cheese – This is generally soft and easy to chew.
  2. Yogurt – Yogurt is full of calcium (good for your teeth).
  3. Cooked Vegetables – Vegetables are very nutritious, but eat them cooked when you have braces.
  4. Cut Apples and Pears – Instead of eating these in their whole form, try cutting them into bite-sized pieces for functionality.
  5. Cut Corn – You can still eat delicious roasted corn at BBQs – just be sure to cut the kernels off of the cob first.    
  6. Hamburger – A great alternative to ribs and steak is hamburger.
  7. Chicken Breast – Instead of trying to eat chicken off of the bone, choose chicken breast meat.
  8. Sliced or Ground Nuts – A handful of nuts per day may be very healthy (as long as you are not allergic to them!), and eating these in sliced or ground form is easier for those with dental braces.
  9. Soft Fruit – Mangos, papayas, kiwis, and bananas should be simple to consume with braces. You may want to cut them into bite-sized pieces for optimal ease of use.
  10. Ice Cream – If you’re craving something sugary, opt for ice cream instead of candy.
  11. Frozen Yogurt – This is the same concept as ice cream, and (in some cases), it may be even healthier than ice cream.
  12. Oatmeal – This a soft food that should not cause any eating issues with braces.
  13. Applesauce – Applesauce provides an excellent means of getting enough fruit in your diet.
  14. Pudding – Pudding is another soft food that’s easy to eat.
  15. Smoothies – You can supply your body with ample fruits and vegetables via smoothies for breakfast (or for any meal).

Once you begin to explore your options, you’ll see that wearing dental braces does not mean you must starve yourself. You can enjoy many of your favorite foods – but you may need to modify them to suit your circumstances.