Top 12 Myths About Dental Root Canals

There is a plethora of myths and misconceptions surrounding the treatment and general understanding of the root canal. This myths have caused a lot of people to shy away from seeking treatment because of the brainwashing and wrong beliefs they have about the root canal.

The most common myths about the root canal

Root canal treatment is very painful

Most people shy away from getting root canal treatment because they believe it is a painful process. Contrary to that common belief though, root canal treatment is meant to relieve pain and it is a painless procedure. Painless because of the anesthesia used before the process.

The aftermath of root canal treatment has far reaching consequences

Some people think that getting root canal treatment can cause you to have more illnesses and complications after the procedure. Root canal treatment is meant to prevent further damage to the root canal and the crown will cover the operated area to prevent further infection.

It is better to extract the whole tooth than get root canal treatment

People have been brainwashed to think that it is safer to extract the tooth than seek root canal treatment. The truth is you should always strive to save the natural tooth. With root canal treatment, you can save your tooth with ease.

Root canal treatment does no work

This is just a myth. When carried out properly, root canal treatment can forever heal your infection and help the tooth last for a lifetime.

Root canal treatment takes hours

People think that going for a root canal treatment will last the whole day and take up much of their time. The truth is depending on the depth of the infection, the treatment can last even half an hour. It is a very simple procedure which will improve the quality of your life greatly.

Root canal treatment always means a new crown

Unless the cavity is too deep, root canal treatment and therapy needs no crown. The crown is just placed to just strengthen your tooth and prevent further damage otherwise it is not a necessity at all.

Root canal treatment should be undertaken only when your tooth pains

Don’t wait until the pain is unbearable before seeking treatment! Never let it get too far before seeing a dentist. Get regular check-up and once the dentist identifies a potential threat, allow him to perform the root canal treatment.

You can’t chew and brush teeth after root canal treatment

Once you get root canal treatment and a new crown is placed over the treated surface, you will be able to do your activities as always. From chewing to brushing teeth, there will be no problem at all.

Root canal Treatment is very expensive

This is a just a misconception because root canal treatment is affordable. If you have medical insurance the cost of the treatment is even cheaper. Don’t be scared to visit a best family dentist care and get consultation and possibly a price quote.

Without insurance you can’t get root canal treatment

I know of a friend who was scared of visiting a dentist because he didn’t have medical insurance. The truth is you can get root canal treatment only that it is a little bit costlier.

Root canal treatment is just temporary and the problem will recur

Some people think that the root canal treatment is only temporarily meant to ease the pain for a short while and that the infection will surely recur. If carried out properly, root canal treatment will mean a lifelong remedy for the pain and tooth infection.

The filling applied in root canal treatment causes discomfort

The crown used to cover the operated area will be carefully applied and will cause absolutely no discomfort to you after the procedure. The top will be evenly laid and in no time, you will even forget that you have a foreign member in you dental formula.