Top 10 Reasons to Get Professional Dental Cleanings

Top 10 Reasons to Get Professional Dental Cleanings

Regular dental cleanings help in promoting good oral hygiene and prevent a variety of diseases.

That appointment with the dentist may not seem as appealing as having lunch or drinks with a friend, but it will be worthwhile in the long run. Most people view professional teeth cleanings as unnecessary as compared to other dental procedures.

Vita Dental Spring hereby gives some really great reasons as to why you should stick to your regular dental cleaning schedule.

Prevents Oral Cancer

During your regular dental cleaning sessions, you may not have realized that you’re also screened for oral cancer. Whenever the dentist asks you to stick out your tongue and swabs with a piece of cotton, he is actually testing for oral cancer.

According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, one American dies of oral cancer with each passing hour, every day. This disease is highly curable when diagnosed early.

Prevents Gum Disease

One of the leading causes of tooth loss is an infection in the gum tissues and bone that keeps your teeth in place. Delayed diagnosis can lead to a more serious and advanced stage of gum disease. Regular cleanings, brushing at least twice a day, and flossing daily are very important in fighting against these conditions. Our dentists at  Vita Dental Spring have helped so many patients to become healthy and treat their gum diseases. So, if you have periodontal disease, schedule your appointment with us and let us help you fix the problem.

Get Rid of Plaque Buildup

Plaque is an invisible sticky film which eventually hardens on the surfaces of the teeth to form tartar (also known as calculus). Regular cleanings help to remove plaque buildup which is the leading cause of cavities. Dentists use special tools and are able to reach into places that you might not be able to when brushing at home. Therefore, having your teeth cleaned in a professional way is the surest and the most effective way to get rid of plaque.

To Check Status of Existing Fillings

At some point, restorations are bound to have a breaking point. Professional dental cleaning is an opportunity to evaluate the status of the current fillings to see if they are defective or damaged. This will help in determining the best time to be proactive and replace a filling.

Preserve Your Smile

Stick to your teeth cleaning schedule if you want to keep your pearly whites intact. Regular appointments allow the dentist to create a customized treatment plan that will give you the best smile possible. When your teeth are polished, they become whiter, healthier, and boosts your confidence too. Having whiter teeth enhances your smile and makes you look as important as you feel during business and social activities.

Detects Dental Problems Early

Apart from detecting gum disease and oral cancer, regular trips to the dentist for cleanings helps to uncover more basic dental problems such as cavities and broken fillings which are easy to treat. These problems can lead to tooth extraction, gum surgery, or root canals. It’s far much easier and cheaper to do a 30-minute professional cleaning than to undergo a surgery.

Reduce odds of developing cardiovascular disease

Studies have strongly linked cardiovascular issues to gum disease that results from poor oral hygiene. Professional teeth cleaning at least twice a year can help to keep your teeth and gums healthy and could possibly reduce the risk of heart disease and other life-threatening diseases like diabetes.

To Stay Updated

You may have bought a fancy new electric toothbrush, or you may be behind with what the current research has to say about new ways of caring for your teeth. Whichever the case, checkups allow your dentist to examine your mouth and keep you on the right path by advising and giving recommendations.

To Save Money

If you have a dental insurance plan, there are chances that you may be getting free cleanings. Most dental insurance plans usually pay for all or most of dental cleaning costs and checkups. You can take advantage of this and save a lot of money by avoiding costly dental procedures that result from poor dental habits. Teeth cleanings are a more sensible practice that can be integrated into your annual budget management plan.

Your Breath Stays Fresher

Good oral hygiene practice is a great way to prevent bad breath but cleanings done by your dentist are the best. If you are struggling with bad breath even after adhering to proper oral habits at home, it may be time to consider professional cleanings to help identify the root cause and eradicate the problem completely.

If so much time has passed since your last checkup and cleaning, schedule an appointment with us today at Vita Dental Spring. Having your teeth cleaned routinely by a dentist is also a great opportunity to go over your current oral hygiene habits with him/her and improve them where necessary.