Top 10 Reasons to Get Pediatric Dentistry at Vita Dental Spring

Your children can visit any dentist that you choose for them, but it is always important to make sure that you find a doctor who has experience treating small children. Why; you ask? It is because the dentists at Vita Dental Spring have specialized in dental care for developing children.

Also, our pediatric dentists are considered specialists in this area as they can be able to treat adolescents, small children, and infants. These are dentists who have focused on healing and caring for children’s dental needs, which includes providing children with the assurances, comfort, and care that they need. The following are reasons to consider our pediatric dentistry services:

The pediatric dentists at Vita Dental Spring are different from your everyday dentists. These are dentists who have received an additional two-three years of hospital-based training after completing their formal dental schooling. The teaching which solely focuses on the growth, psychology, and development of small children.

As pediatric dentists, they have also received training on how to manage the dental needs of children with special needs, dental anxiety, and other medical conditions. These are children who cannot be treated by a doctor who does not know how to address them, approach them, or even handle them when performing an oral exam.

Children tend to be different. There are those that are too young to comprehend treatment, while others are too fearful of the dental equipment to be fully cooperative. Our Vita Dental Spring dentists understand this, and will often use a combination of different approaches to help the child cooperate throughout treatment.

All the dentists in our facilities are licensed to provide the young ones with laughing gas (nitrous oxide) as well as conscious sedation. Where necessary, the pediatric dentists can also choose to give the required dental treatment when the child is under general anesthesia. The dentists will take you through these options before administering them to your child.

With kids, one has to exercise some caution and be creative regarding the methods used to administer treatment. General dentistry offices are different from those of a pediatric dentist. The former are plain and have a hospital-like feel.

However, one cannot say the same about our pediatric dentistry clinic. These are offices that have been designed to help the child feel comfortable. They also provide an opportunity for your young-one to observe the other children treated at our dental offices. This observation can help familiarize them with the procedures and will play a vital role in assisting them to relax as they await treatment.

Our Vita Dental Spring dentists are in this line of work because they like being around kids. They enjoy meeting and interacting with small children, which is the reason why they have chosen to specialize in this particular field. It is one of the leading reasons why your child should only see a pediatric dentist.

Our offices have been specially designed to deal with the prevention of cavities. Young children tend to have a sweet tooth, a fact which leads to many of them eating sweets and candy bars, all of which cause the formation of cavities. When you bring your child for a checkup, our pediatric dentists will discuss with you various preventive topics such as sealants, diets, and oral hygiene.

A pediatric dentist is well-versed with the treatment of oral trauma. Apart from relaxing knowing that the child is in the excellent hands of a specialist dental physician, you also get to leave our offices being comfortable with the fact that you can bring your child here at any time for emergency dental care. It is a privilege we extend to all our pediatric dental care patients.

There are instances where a general dentist may choose not to treat a cavity until a child is older or has become more cooperative. As you continue to wait, the holes will become more prominent, which will place your child at an increased risk of pain, discomfort, and unwanted infections. The cavities also tend to harbor infectious bacteria that spread quickly to the surrounding teeth.

Pediatric dentists have undergone training that can help them recognize early symptoms pointing to occlusion, growth, or development problems. These are problems that require treatment as soon as a diagnosis takes place. The initial treatment helps maximize esthetic results. It also dramatically reduces the number of times that the patient may need to undergo orthodontic treatment once they have become adolescents.

The dentist at our facilities will not only provide your child with dental care, but they can also provide you with much-needed counseling. For instance, the pediatric dentists can take you through advice to tackle topics such as the use of pacifiers and how thumb sucking can affect the child’s teeth and mouth.

If you have any questions about pediatric dentistry, feel free to visit any of our Family Dentist In Spring Tx offices.