Top 10 Reasons to Get Dentures at Vita Dental Spring

Our team at Vita Dental Spring can help you replace your missing teeth. Depending on the situation, we might recommend that you get dentures. These dental appliances are a great way to replace missing teeth. It is something that we do quite often, although we are still relatively new to the Spring area. However, our dental experts have years of experience, which they use to replace your missing teeth. Here are ten reasons you should get dentures when you lose teeth.

They Help You To Chew Food

Once you lose some or all your teeth, the simple act of eating food will become a nightmare. You will have to rely on soft foods and avoid some food altogether. Avoiding some types of foods might have a negative impact on your health. Besides that, it could cause you to lose joy in your life since you cannot chew your favorite food. However, we at Vita Dental Spring can help to remedy that with some dentures.

Boost Your Self Confidence

Once you lose your teeth, you will not be willing to smile in public. You might avoid showing your gums at all due to how bad you feel about missing some or all your teeth. However, dentures can help to fix that. They will provide you with a covering over the tooth, which ensures that you can smile with confidence while in public.

Dentures Are Easy To Clean

Every night before bed, you can comfortably take off the dentures and place them in a cleaning solution. They will not require much effort and care as long as you clean them every evening before bed. Thus, you do not have to worry about brushing teeth after every meal. The dentures are great for someone who wants to spend the minimum amount of time taking care of teeth.

They Are Affordable

There are numerous teeth replacement options, but dentures are one of the cheapest options. They have been around for hundreds of years, which helped to drive the cost down. For many years, they were the only advanced teeth replacement option available to humanity. If you are in a tight economic situation, but you need to replace teeth, dentures are one of the cheapest options offered at Vita Family Dental Spring.

There Is No Surgery Needed To Get Dentures

Many other teeth replacement options require some operation. In medicine, even the smallest surgery can come with some complications. However, when you get dentures, you do not need to get an operation. You will not require any anesthesia when being fitted for dentures. It is an easy and painless procedure to get the dentures.

The Process Of Getting Dentures Is Fast

Some of the other tooth replacement options that we offer at Vita Dental Spring will require a few weeks or months to complete the process. However, with dentures, you will only need to wait a few days or two weeks at most; making them an excellent tooth replacement option fast.

Everyone Qualifies For Dentures

Any adult who needs dentures can get them. This is not the case for other tooth replacement options. Thus far, we at Vita Dental Spring have never had to turn away an adult who needed dentures because they did not qualify. If you fail to be eligible for any other tooth replacement option, you can be sure that you will for dentures.

They Help To  Keep Teeth From Shifting

Once you lose a tooth or some teeth, the gap created will cause teeth to start slipping. However, dentures can help to stop that. The dentist will place the denture in the space, which means the other teeth cannot move out of place. Without dentures, you might probably have to get braces to correct the crooked teeth that result from the gap created when you lose teeth. It can be quite costly compared to getting dentures.

They Help To Stimulate The Jaw Bone

Once you lose teeth, the jawbone could start to lose bone mass due to the lack of any stimulate. However, the dentures will stimulate the jawbone by placing constant pressure on it. It will ensure that you do not lose any bone mass in the jawbone. The result is that it could help to avoid the sagging face appearance that results from losing jaw bone mass.

They Improve Your Speech

When you form words, the tongue will push against teeth, which help you to make the right words. However, if you lose teeth, you will find it hard to pronounce some words. These could make it hard for your audience to understand what you mean. The dentures will help to restore how you enunciate words. As a result, it will restore your normal speech patterns which can be especially crucial if you earn your living primarily via public speaking.