Top 10 Reasons to Get an Extraction at Vita Dental Spring

Tooth extraction is simply the removal of a tooth from its socket in the bone. It can be due to many reasons, but primarily, it is to remove the wisdom teeth for teenagers.

However, one can extract their teeth if they are infected, decayed or crowded. It is a delicate procedure that needs to be done by a dentist or oral surgeon. Vita Dental Spring is a pioneering facility that offers these services. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider the facility for tooth extraction.

1. Diagnostic And Treatment Equipment

The medical center has state of the art equipment which can be used to perform this process while inflicting little or no pain to the patient. From the use of scalpels, computerized check-ups and the use of technology in the extraction of the teeth, Vita Dental Spring is just the best. Patients are given the necessary painkillers after the procedure to ensure that they are not in pain even after leaving the hospital.

2. Qualified Dentists

The facility takes pride in having dentists who are not only highly educated but also highly qualified and experienced. A dentist like Dr. Jisoo Shin is a qualified oral surgeon with many years of expertise. On top of that, she is passionate about her job. She understands the various complications which can necessitate the extraction of your teeth. Together with the team of other dentists, you can rest assured of an excellent job.

3. It Is Friendly And Ambient

Vita Dental Spring is not just any other dental center. It is friendly to all the patients. Upon arriving at the facility, the patients are welcomed by friendly members of the staff who direct them to the waiting bay as they prepare to see the dentist. The environment is cool which plays a significant role in ensuring that the patients do not feel a lot of pain as they wait for their turn to see the dentist.

4. Promptness While Attending To The Patients

Vita Dental Spring understands that you are in pain. As such, there is no need for keeping you waiting as it can make you suffer a lot. When patients arrive, they receive the required medical attention.  Depending on the nature of the complication, they can be booked to the emergency to access immediate medication. The nurses and the medical staff in the facility understand this issue and are ready to assist all the patients.

5. Enough Medical Resources

Tooth removal exercise requires the use of many medical tools and equipment such as anesthesia and scalpels which are needed to remove your tooth professionally without inflicting a lot of pain. Your teen does not need to worry about the pain while removing his or her wisdom teeth anymore. Our facility has what it takes to help anxious patients cope with this pain.

6. Professional Services

We understand that there are many dentists out there who are rough and do not care about the welfare of the patients. You shall not have that kind of experience at Vita Dental Spring. We understand that we are treating people. Our Dentist In Spring Tx is highly professional and belong to the various professional bodies which assist in instilling professional ethics in them. For example, Dr. Sang Pil Yu is an active member of the American Dental Association. He can thus handle his patients professionally.

7. Latest Establishments

Vita Dental Spring is a pleasing clinic that gives the patients that atmosphere to feel relaxed. For patients undergoing tooth extraction, there is a special room to ensure comfort as the surgical procedure is in progress. There are comfortable beds and chairs in the extraction rooms.

8. Working With Insurance Companies

The facility is one of the few dental clinics which appreciate the role of insurance companies. It works closely with them to cater for the clients who have insurance covers. Some of the firms which the dental facility works include United Healthcare insurance, DentaQuest, and Delta dental insurance company. Any policyholder with any of the above firms receives treatment for the needed dental procedure, and the firm will liaise with the underwriter for payment.

Additionally, the firm deals with patients who have governmental dental insurance. As such, it accepts Medicaid for some types of dental treatment. What is required is for the patient to liaise with the dentist’s office to find out the various requirements. It is a straightforward process.

9. A Wide Variety Of Services

The facility understands the fact that you do not need teeth removal procedure alone. People have various dental problems, and it is for this reason that Vita Dental Spring strives to provide the various dental services under one roof. These services include and are not limited to cosmetic dentistry, dental implants and general dentistry among other services. They are tailor-made to suit you and your family.

10. Flexibility In Payments

Not all patients have insurance covers. It is for this reason that the center accepts credit cards from major firms and financial arrangements from reputable banks.