Top 10 Reasons to Get a Dental Bridge at Vita Dental Spring

Top 10 Reasons to Get a Dental Bridge at Vita Dental Spring

When you have missing teeth, the dentist can choose to close-or bridge-the gaps that are currently present in your smile using dental bridges. A dental bridge is a Pontiac (false tooth) that is often held in place using abutment teeth that are on either side of your gap.

Although false teeth can be made using all types of materials, e.g., gold, they can also be made from porcelain to ensure that they get to blend in with the existing natural teeth. According to Dentist In Spring Tx, the following are reasons why you should get a dental bridge.

Restore Your Smile

It is not possible to place a value on a smile that is not only healthy but one that is beautiful as well. Many patients often end-up feeling more confident, and self-assured after undergoing a dental bridge procedure. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you had to try and hide your smile when in a group photo? If so, then a dental bridge can make sure that this does not happen in the future.


With a dental bridge procedure at Vita Dental Spring, you can be sure that the missing tooth/teeth will get filled and that the color and shape of your smile will also receive an enhancement. Our dentists know how to play with the available space, which is a sure guarantee that they will not only add flexibility but that you will end up with a great smile.

Improve Chewing

Losing a tooth often leads to complications, e.g., pain and discomfort when eating food. The pain is often a result of the surrounding teeth attempting to gravitate towards the space left behind.  Food particles will then start collecting in the empty socket and cause unwanted damage to the gums.


The good thing with dental bridges is the fact that you never have to worry about them falling off, or accidentally being chunked from your mouth. Our Vita Dental Spring dentists will ensure that it has been secured inside your mouth before completing the procedure.

Another important factor to note is that our dentists will take the time to discuss with you the available options. They will explain the available types, i.e., traditional, implant-supported, Maryland, or cantilever, their pros and cons, and then help you make a decision based on what you want to achieve with this procedure.

Improve Speaking

Teeth play a vital role when it comes to forming words in your mouth. A person who has lost multiple teeth may encounter some difficulties when they try to pronounce certain words. They normally end up speaking with a lisp. Such problems can be overcome by getting dental bridges since the missing teeth are the reason why you are experiencing speech problems.


Studies have shown that bridges have the same level of durability as crowns. Although they are not likely to last as long as your natural teeth, proper maintenance will help them last longer. The dental bridges installed by Spring Tx Dentists typically last for about ten years.

You should, however, remember that even though your natural tooth is no longer present, there is a natural part of it left behind. With time, natural wear and tear are likely to affect the bridge necessitating a replacement.

Maintain the Natural Shape of Your Face

Do you know that your jawbones will start to deteriorate the moment you have lost a tooth? The roots in your natural teeth often assist in stimulating the bone cells that are present in your jawbones.  When this stimulation is lacking, the jawbone is likely to start deteriorating. Too much deterioration can cause facial collapse and in some cases further tooth loss. These two factors combined can ill affect the appearance of your face.

Less Invasive than Implants

One major reason why many patients prefer to get bridges, compared to other procedures such as dental implants is that they are not very invasive. In the case of implants, they will typically require one or more surgical procedures during the installation process. But with bridges, you do not have to worry about undergoing excruciating pain for you to regain your smile.


Another important benefit or reason why you should choose a dental bridge procedure is that a bridge is easily cemented. Normally, it takes between one and two appointments with our dentists to have the entire procedure completed. Nonetheless, we cannot say the same about other tooth replacement procedures.

Prevent Teeth from Shifting

As mentioned earlier, the strong roots located below the surface of your gums are responsible for holding the teeth in place. But did you know that the surrounding teeth also play an important role in supporting the others? A person who has lost a significant number of teeth will start to notice that the remaining teeth will begin shifting towards the open space.

The only way to make sure that this situation will not become worse will be by getting a dental bridge procedure at Vita Dental Spring. Schedule an appointment now