Top 10 Dentists That Do Fillings in Spring Texas

Searching for a right dentist in Spring, Texas that do fillings? The leading Spring dentists are professionals who are very efficient in dental fillings. They understand and have the highest qualifications in this field of dentistry. They also share similar dental philosophy and passion for dentistry. Below is a carefully curated list of the top 10 dentists in Spring Texas that do dental fillings.

Vita Dental Spring (

Doing what they do best from a beautiful ultramodern office and facility at Family Vita Dental, Dr. Pil, Dr.Son, and Dr. Shin have managed to accrue quite a following in Spring.

Through a combination of their experiences, strength, and preferences in general dentistry from various universities, these doctors will make sure patients visiting Vita Dental have one of the best treatment experiences to achieve optimal dental health.

Their current membership in organizations such as the American Dental Association can guarantee excellent results when you visit. You can consequently expect nothing short of professionalism from Family Dental Spring. They treat each patient exclusively and focus on the correct procedures for better smiles.

Friend-Ly Dentists (

Friend-Ly has one of the most experienced and hardworking dentists working in Spring since 2014-has become a favorite among the locals for dental fillings. Dr.Duy Ly uses the latest technology and high-quality material in his service delivery at Friend-Ly Dentists to help him achieve excellent results. Dr. Ly will examine you and recommend whatever type of fillings suit your condition, has the expertise and experience to produce desirable outcomes.

Comfort Dental Excellence (

Dr.Calder at the Comfort Dental Excellence is the intelligent dentist who has become part of Spring tradition of dental comfort and cares for the past 25 years. The clinic has come out as one of the most sought-after because of excellent records when it comes to putting smiles on the faces of the residents. Calder uses top-notch facilities and resources to provide exceptional services.

Royalty Dental Associates (

With over ten years of experience under her belt, Dr. Farajnejad has what it takes to qualify as one of the top general dentist in Spring, Texas. She has impressive facilities and a great staff team at Royalty Dental Associates to help her handle the patients with ease and meet all the needs and desires of each patient. Her recommendations for dental fillings depend on a patient’s condition and overall dental development.

Spring Smiles Dental Group (

Dr.Krenz has vast experience and qualifications to rank as one of the best oral dentists. Having been in the field since 2010, he has seen it all when it comes to dentistry. He is a delightful person surrounded by a great team at Spring Smiles Dental group who are result oriented. If you are looking to get dental fillings done professionally at a great price, then this is the go-to dentist.

Dentalopolis (

Dr. Kim aims at providing his patients with only the best dental care for the last nine years. He has conducted thousands of dental procedures using cutting-edge dentistry combined with personalized attention to create an unforgettable client experience. He profoundly appreciates family and community, which is why he proudly offers the best family and dentistry right here in Spring, Texas.

Whiter Smiles  (

Dr. Glass’s patients’ appreciation is evident in client loyalty, with adult patients bringing their children and grandchildren in for treatment. During his working moments at Whiter Smiles, he applies innovative technology and expertise available in the market to do dental fillings. The team he works with assists you in discovering your dental conditions so that you make the right treatment choices for yourself.

Everest Dental Clinic (

Dr. Bui and his team at Everest Dental Clinic acknowledge the fact that dental care has dramatically evolved in recent years. As a dental professional, he strives to stay up to date with the latest advancements which involve dental fillings to provide the most modern treatment options for patients.

Lindsay Dental Group (

Dr. Chase Lindsay and Dr. Michael Lindsay believe that good oral hygiene is essential for overall well-being. When you walk through their doors for any preventative dental measures, you become a part of the Lindsay Group family. They always aim to exceed expectations in and around the Spring area. They have an established tradition of dental excellence in Spring, Texas for the last 30 years and are working hard to ensure absolute best care and service.

Spring Love Dentistry (

This team takes great pride in providing quality comfortable, convenient, and quality dental care, an excellent experience that can only be matched by few. Dr.Christopher Kim and Dr. Tina Wu use their skills combined with modern technology and advancement in trending dental practices to revolutionize dentistry and serve the community efficiently.