Top 10 Dentists For Implants in Houston

It’s not easy finding the right dentists for implants in Houston. The few decent available options are either too costly or just don’t deliver quality service. We conducted a quick survey in the area and came up with the following list to help locals find the best family dentists for dental implants in Houston. Here are the top 10 dentists in Houston for Dental Implants;

  1. Steven Wolfson D.D.S (

Working from a beautiful state-of-the-art office and facility, Dr. Steven has managed to amass quite a following in Houston. He is a general dentist who is accredited and licensed to operate in the Houston area and you can therefore expect nothing short of professionalism from him. He offers a range of dentistry services and dental implants are one of his main areas of focus. Visit their website for more contact information.

  1. John H. Krell D.D.S (

An experienced dentist, Dr. John is one of the other option for quality implants in Houston. He has invested in high-quality equipment and uses his massive knowledge and experience in the field to deliver high-quality results. He can handle implants for any age group and his services come at a great price as well.

  1. John Bridger DDS (

Implant dentistry is one area in which Dr. Bridger has excelled in. He is a qualified general dentist operating in the Houston area and offers quality services at great prices. He has great facilities and definitely worth considering for cheap dental implants in Houston.

  1. Dr.MelciaTjoa (

Dr.Melcia has massive experience in general dentistry and will deliver quality service always. Located in 2800 Kirby Dr. Ste, she works with a large team and has earned herself a reputation as one of the best dentists around Houston. She has specialized in various dentistry fields, dental implants being one of them. She has a facility from which she administers her services. She has up to date facilities and you can always expect nothing short of the best from her. The hardworking and friendly dentist has a great website and you can always check it out when in need.

  1. Dr.Spiker Davis (

Very few dentists not just in Houston but America at large can match the level of professionalism that Spiker Davis shows in his daily work. The intelligent dentist has come up through the ranks in a few years and has come out as one of the most sought after dentists in Houston. He has a great record when it comes to putting smiles on the faces of Americans and dental implants is his bread and butter. He thrives on providing dentistry services the Houston locals love and it’s no surprise that he is one of the most sought after dentist. He has top-notch facilities and resources which he uses every day in offering the services and has a great team helping him out. His qualifications and massive experience in this field means that excellent results are always guaranteed when you visit them.

  1. Maria Green (

With over 8 years of experience under her belt, Dr. Maria has what it comes to qualify as one of the pediatric dentists in Houston, Texas. As a person, Maria is a soft-spoken and caring person. This has helped her work with the young ones with relative ease. If you have a small kid who needs dental implants in Houston, you have every right to visit Maria and get the situation sorted with ease. She has amazing facilities and a great staff team to help her handle the young ones with ease. For a painless experience, contact Dr. Maria.

  1. Dr.GholamZakhireh (

Dr.Gholam has all the qualifications and experience to rank as one of the best oral dentists America has seen. Having been in the field from as early as 1982, he has literally seen it all when it comes to dentistry. He is a very personable person surrounded by a great team who are result oriented. If you are looking to get dental implants at great price, then this is the go to dentist. The facilities he uses are great and his customer service team is excellent as well.

  1. Dr. Sang Pil Yu D.D.S (

Part of the Vita Dental, Dr. Sang Pil You D.D.S has all it takes to rank as the best dentist in Houston for dental implants. The experienced general dentist has handled very many patients in the area and helped them get much-needed implants. If you are looking for the best quality and affordable implants in Houston, then Dr. Sang Pil You D.D.S should be one of your best options. Orthodontics is his bread and butter and handling implants is one of his areas of expertise. Visit their website at today and Hire Dr. Sang Pil You D.D.S.

  1. Dr.Jisoo Shin, DDS

Dr.Jisoo is a brilliant, qualified and massively experienced dentist who has earned a reputation as one of the best female dentists in Houston. Part of the famous Vita Dental group, she qualifies as one of the best dentists for implants. If you are looking for a dentist to handle the young members of the family, then she should be of interest to you. She is qualified and has the skills to handle the kids. She has been in service for over ten years and has literally seen it all in terms of dentistry. Get the best dental implants for your young ones by employing this absolutely brilliant dentist.

  1. Dr.Seung Hyung Son D.D.S

We chose Dr.SeungHyung Son as our pick for the best dentist for dental implants in Houston because we feel that he is he most complete and qualified dentist for the service .He is an experienced and hardworking dentist who been working in Houston for many years and has become a favorite among the locals. He has a very good record and clean slate when it comes to dental implants. Whatever type of implant you want he has the expertise and experience to produce enviable results. He uses the latest technology in his service delivery and the facility at Vita Dental help him achieve the excellent results. He also has a large team of medical practitioners who help him in service delivery and you can always expect the best results. Hire him today and have a feel of what it means to have the best dentist in Houston for a family dentist.