Top 10 Dentist That Do Implant Placements in Spring Texas

According to Vita Dental Spring, a dental implant is a permanent anchor that incorporates with your jawbone to provide to you with a stable, secure, and long-lasting tooth replacement. Given the fact that dental implants eventually become a part of your jaw, they tend to feel and look like your natural teeth. It is essential as it makes it possible for you to smile, talk, and eat your food without any worry in the world.

One of the advantages of getting a dental implant according to the professionals at Vita Dental Spring lies in their longevity. If you properly care for it, the implant can last for very many years, which is what makes them a valuable investment. Studies indicate that dental implants have a success rate of ninety-five percent.

Vita Dental Spring

Vita Dental Spring is renowned in the Spring, Texas area for its quality dental implants, and for having a team of professionals that are always ready to serve their patients. The facility has industry-leading dentists who are capable of providing their patients with time-tested and true dental treatments for all their dental care needs.

The team of dentists at Vita Dental Spring believes in operating a personal clinic that is capable of providing clients with fine-tuned services that match their specific dental care needs. At this facility, you will find that efficient denture products are dependent on shape, look, and size. It is the reason why the team strives to provide its patients with custom-tailored needs to ensure they get the right dental implants.

Clear Choice Dental Implant Center

Clear Choice dentists have specialized in providing dental implants services. Whether it is replacing lower arches, a single tooth, full upper teeth, or multiple teeth, you can rest assured that the Clear Choice dentists will have provided you with world-class services and care. Some of its services include:

Sedation administration

3-D scans of your jawbone and mouth

Surgical removal of unhealthy teeth and implants placements

Creation and design of prosthetic teeth

Periodontics and Dental Implants, Hamid Atabaksh, DDS, MS

Dr. Amid Atabaksh is an active member of the American Academy of Periodontology. He has mainly specialized in providing periodontal services like dental implants. His clinic is known for providing patients with gentle, and personalized dental care services that match their dental care needs. In addition to dental implants, the facility also offers pocket reduction surgery and antibiotic treatments.

Lifetime Dental of the Woodlands

Lifetime Dental of the Woodlands is a dental facility run by Dr. Todd Leiker and Dr. Mayleen Lee. The facility specializes in providing dental implant services using the most advanced dental tools available today. The duo is committed to continued education to help them keep up with new dental advancements and emerging technologies.

North Houston Periodontics and Dental Implants

The dental clinic is under skillful management of Dr. Daniel Ho and Dr. Mack Coker. The clinic is comfortably furnished to help make you feel at home and conveniently located close to the Willowbrook Mall. The clinic provides a full range of laser and dental implant services that include: dental implant placement, immediate implant placement, and implant abutment placement.

Spring-Klein Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Michael Sitters is an oral surgeon at Spring-Klein Oral and Maxillofacial surgery who has specialized in providing oral surgery services such as bar attachment denture dental implants, socket preservation, ridge augmentation, bone grafting, and sinus lifts. He also offers additional services such as sedation dentistry and impacted canines.

Rayford Modern Dentistry

Rayford Modern Dentistry is a dental clinic that not only caters to Spring residents, but to the surrounding communities as well. In addition to Spring, it also provides services to the residents of Humble, Harmony, Benders, and Brinham Woods. The facility has entered into partnerships with organizations such as the Spring Independent School District, Houston Food Bank, and The Woodlands Chamber of Commerce.

Charm Dental

Two doctors, Dr. Parthi Mehta, and Dr. Radhika Shah run Charm Dental. Their mission is to assist in enhancing the well-being and general health of the people living in Humble, Woodlands, Klein, and Spring, by providing them with quality dental care services. The facility offers dental implant services to both adults and young children.

Insight Dental Group

Insight Dental Group is a facility that focuses on providing efficient, safe, and comfortable dental treatments to all members of the society. The clinic, well equipped with state of the art technological equipment, makes it easier for its dentists to provide their patients with the smiles they desire.

Texas Center for Cosmetic Dentistry

The facility has managed to set itself apart by being able to provide private consultations in a relaxing, and comfortable atmosphere. Typical services offered at the facility include smile makeovers, porcelain crowns, No-Prep veneers, dental implants, and minimal or G. Lewis. The practitioners here understand that many people are afraid to visit dentists for one reason or another, which is why they provide their patients with sedation dentistry, e.g., nitrous oxide and intravenous sedation.