Top 10 Dentist That Do Extractions in Spring Texas

Tooth extractions refer to the removal of teeth from their sockets. When a tooth has been damaged or broken, the dentist may try to fix it using crowns or fillings. However, there are instances where you will find that a tooth is too damaged for repair, thereby necessitating an extraction.

The following is a list of the top 10 dentists in Spring, Texas who perform extractions. It is a list based on reviews left by members of the community. All the professionals in this list have received great reviews from all the patients that they have treated in the past.

Vita Dental Spring

Vita Dental Spring is an independent and family-oriented dentistry practice based in Spring, Texas. The facility is run by three professionals, who have made it their mission to provide the best possible care to kids, adults, and families in general. Vita Dental Spring has gained a reputation among its clients for treating them like family, and for the professionalism, and courtesy demonstrated by its personnel.

Apart from extractions, Vita Dental Spring also provides general dentistry services like installations of crows, bridges, and fillings. Visit Vita Dental Spring in Spring, Texas the next time you want to have an extraction.

Shg Dental West Houston, Lp

Shg Dental is a dental practice owned and operated by a Houston dentist known for providing a broad range of technologically supported services. The practice has specialized in oral surgery, extractions, and dental implant surgery. The clinic aims to give the Spring, Texas community with high standards of personalized dental services.

Arch Angel Dental

Arch Angel Dental is the facility to visit when you are in search of an extraction dentist in Spring, Texas. The clinic provides its clients with a cozy, and relaxing atmosphere that is ideal for performing all kinds of dental procedures. Its dentists have a broad range of expertise and can provide services such as tooth extractions, whitening, and cleaning.

Northwest Dental Center

Northwest Dental Center is run and managed by Dr. Allen Lee and his team of supporting nurses. The facility provides a comprehensive range of preventive care services in a relaxing and comfortable environment. Common services performed at the facility include emergency dental care, tooth extractions, periodontal services, bridges, and teeth whitening.

Healthy Smiles

Healthy Smiles is a family dentistry facility located in Spring, Texas and uses advanced dental technology to deliver professional and highly specialized services to its patients. Apart from providing quality dental procedures, Dr. Amy and her personnel are well-known for making their patients feel at ease, and for providing a relaxing, and stress-free environment.

Hobby Dental

A friendly team of dental professionals who operate Hobby Dental has specialized in providing excellent and patient-friendly extraction services to Spring residents. They cater to patients of all ages and are under the skilled leadership of Dr. Alemseged Degefu Missonne. The clinic makes use of the latest dental technology to make sure that its clients get to receive the best services possible.

Some of the equipment used at the facility includes intraoral and Isolite cameras which help provide a good view of your mouth before commencing on any treatment. A dentists’ app is also available to help clients learn of the different services that are on offer at the facility.

Memorial Heights

Memorial Heights Dental Center is known for using the latest dental facilities and equipment to make sure that its clients receive the best services possible. Patients treated by Dr. Chia-Lung Tim Hung have recommended the clinic for its calming environment and professionalism. Dr. Hung has been in this field for more than twenty years and has specialized in tooth extractions and prosthodontics. You can rest assured that every dental visit will be rewarding, and will be one to remember.

Urban Dental

Dr. Michael Moon started and continued operating this facility with the aim of making a difference in his community. He takes pride in being able to treat his patients in a relaxed atmosphere that helps do away with the fear associated with visiting dentist’s offices. His clinic is like no other as regards to making patients feel at home and appreciated.

Dr. Roberto Velasco

Dr. Roberto Velasco and Dr. Mathew Dennis Gemp have teamed up to operate the clinic together. Their clinic takes pride in being one of the best in the Spring, Texas area for extractions, dental implants, and cosmetic dental treatment. They provide numerous dental services to all the patients who walk in with different kinds of oral health issues.

Tom Robertson’s Practice

Tom Robertson is a remarkable dentist who places a lot of emphasis on being able to provide expert dental care to all patients. The practice has invested heavily in the latest equipment and treatment, ensuring that they remain up-to-date with emerging technologies. Dental services provided at the facility include orthodontic and cosmetic procedures.