Top 10 Dentist in Katy Texas that Treat Children

Top 10 Dentist in Katy Texas that Treat Children

If you have been on the lookout for a good pediatric dentist in Katy Texas, then you are in the right places as this article will look to list of the best dentists in Katy Texas that treat children.

Vita Dental

As is seen in reviews and testimonials over at, they are the best dental practice in the area, serving the whole family, including kids. Their pediatric dentists are highly trained and experienced and as such know how to deal with kids of all ages from the younger, more fussy ones to teenagers and all age groups in between. The setting is warm and colorful and will definitely put your child at ease, making them feel right at home. They offer a variety of services from preventative dentistry to general dentistry and orthodontics, and so much more, all of which are offered at a very affordable price, helped by the fact that they accept most of the major dental insurance covers.

Pediatric Dentist of Katy

Just as is the case over at, their services are built on the foundations of education and prevention, which will help keep your child’s teeth and gums as healthy as possible. From the friendly and warm atmosphere to their experienced and professional pediatric dentists and staff, this is a one place your child will definitely look forward to going to whenever dental visits come up. They offer all sorts of services as far as pediatric dentistry goes, including emergency pediatric services, where your child will be penciled in for an appointment as soon as possible to be attended to.

Wellspring Pediatric Dentistry

They offer pediatric dental services for kids of all ages which includes infants, older children and adolescents, which is also the case over at the excellent Their pediatric dentists are highly trained and experienced and will provide the safe pair of hands your child needs. They hit the sweet spot of providing professional, compassionate and top-level services in an enjoyable and fun manner and environment that will ensure your child is comfortable and at ease throughout.

Katy Kids Dentist

With years of offering pediatric dental services for the people of Katy Texas, it definitely comes with unrivaled pedigree. They have excellent pediatric dentists who definitely know how to deal with children of all ages, as is also the case for those over at They offer a number of pediatric dentistry and orthodontic services from teeth cleaning and whitening to Invisalign treatment and so much more. Their excellent customer services as well as their professionalism and dedication are some of the things that stand out with them and why you should definitely put them under consideration.

My Kid’s Dentist & Orthodontics

They recognize that each child is different and as such offer customized treatments for each of them, designed with the personal needs and preferences of each child at heart. Just as is the case over at, they have state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, all of which have been designed with kids in mind so as to ensure that children will be comfortable with them. Their services are also pretty affordable as they not only accept most of the major dental insurance covers, they also offer flexible payment plans for those who may be uninsured.

Pediatric Dental Safari

Dr. Amita is definitely one of the best pediatric dentists in Katy Texas, and together with her team they are one of the best practices as far as pediatric dental services are concerned. The environment and the rooms are very conducive for kids, with there being lots of activities and facilities designed to keep children entertained and as such ensure that they are as calm and comfortable as possible. Everyone here is great with kids, and as is also seen over at, the appointments are prompt as the waiting times are very short here.

Kidstown Dental

Dr. Amy is very professional, not to mention kind and friendly and children seem to really like and enjoy interacting with her. Together with her team, they pride themselves in offering painless, accessible and transformative dental experiences for the kids of Katy Texas. They leverage the very latest in cutting-edge technology and equipment, such as laser technology, which ensures that procedures are minimally invasive and as pain-free as possible, something that is also seen over at the excellent This state-of-the-art pediatric dentistry practice is definitely up there with the best in Katy Texas.

Happy Chompers Pediatric Dentistry

The excellently named Happy Chompers has got some of the best pediatric dentists in Katy Texas, led by the brilliant Dr. Adeel. No matter what dental service your child is in need of, they will be made to feel very comfortable and cared for throughout their visit. They are also highly trained to take care of children with special needs, making them feel at ease and as comfortable as possible. Just like over at, they have up to 5 levels of sedation dentistry which will ensure that your child is comfortable and pain-free during their procedure.

Flourish Pediatric Dentistry

Their pediatric dentists, as is the case for the highly rated ones over, are highly trained and experienced to treat children of all ages from infants to adolescents. They particularly stress the importance of prevention oral health issues as well as that of conservative care with their focus on minimally invasive treatments and procedures. They are so good with children and on top of that the rooms are designed in such a way that will definitely make your kid feel right at home, with activities to keep them occupied during their visit.

Greater Houston Pediatric Dentistry

The staff and pediatric dentists here are very professional, caring and very patient and you can tell that they really know how to treat children of all ages and needs. They offer a number of pediatric dental services, all of which are done at a very high level and are also very affordable, particularly given that they accept both state and private dental insurance covers. Definitely worth considering when looking for such services in Katy Texas.

As always, the highly rated, is the place to go to when looking for a top dentist in Katy Texas who treats children.