Top 10 Dentist in Katy Texas that do Root Canals

Top 10 Dentist in Katy Texas that do Root Canals

Root canals, contrary to popular belief, are actually not painful at all, and as per the subject matter experts over at, the procedure is actually meant to relieve pain and save teeth. While general dentists can carry out root canals, they usually only tackle the less complex cases, saving most cases including complex ones for endodontists. If you are looking for such services in Katy Texas, then you are in luck as this article will look to list of the best dentists in the area who do root canals.

Vita Dental

They are the premier dental practice in Katy Texas, offering services on a number of areas, including on endodontics. Their endodontists are among the very best in the area, highly knowledgeable and experienced and they leverage the very latest techniques and technology to ensure the root canal procedure is as minimally invasive as possible, with minimal discomfort afterwards, as discussed over at They also have the expertise to handle endodontic treatment in both adults and children which is yet another feather in their cap. When it comes to costs, their prices are very fair, and they also accept most dental insurance covers, and for the uninsured, they offer a number of flexible payment plans.

Katy Endodontic Associates

They specialize in root canals, and their endodontists are among the very best in the area. They are very thorough with their approach, and will perform extensive tests on the affected tooth or teeth, including X-rays. They will also talk you through the procedure, answering any questions that you may have to help put you at ease. They then leverage the latest techniques and technology to ensure that the procedure is as painless as possible, and you will even be able to continue with your normal activities, like going to work, in the days that follow without any issues.

EMC Endodontics and Microsurgery Center

Just as is the case over at, they offer personalized care for their patients as they recognize that no two cases are ever the same, particularly since each patient has their own preferences. Their endodontists are highly experienced and skilled, and here you will find state-of-the-art equipment which are all designed to ensure that the root canal procedures meet the highest standards in terms of safety, comfort and efficiency. They are definitely among the very best in the area when it comes to root canals.

Cinco Ranch Endodontics

They are yet another great option to consider when looking for such services in Katy Texas, as they have excellent endodontists. Just like over at, they have minimal waiting times and you will be seen as soon as possible for your root canal procedure to ensure that the pain is relieved and the chances of having the affected tooth saved are enhanced. The procedure will be pain-free and owing to their grasp of sedation dentistry, you will be relaxed throughout the procedure, which is something folks in the area really like about them.

Walk-in Dental Clinic of Katy

They offer a number of dental services from general dentistry to endodontics, and their dentists are among the best when it comes to root canals in the area. They are very warm and friendly, and will strive to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible throughout the procedure. Just as is the case over at the excellent, they also accept most dental insurance covers and credit cards which definitely helps with the costs.

Mint Family Dental

They pride themselves in the fact that they make use of the very latest technology and techniques when it comes to root canal procedures, which ensures that the procedure is not only painless, with little to no discomfort afterwards, it also ensures the best results possible. Led by the brilliant Dr. Sandeep Mammen, who is not only highly knowledgeable but also very caring and warm, this will be an experience that will shatter all preconceptions you may have on root canals, and just like the excellent, they are worth considering when looking for such services.

Katy Oaks Dental

They are one of the most recognizable names as far as dental practices in Katy Texas go, and they have some of the best endodontists in the area working there. From their state-of-the-art facilities, to their highly trained and experienced endodontists as well as their top-notch customer services, you will be in the safest of hands as far as your root canal procedure is concerned. They also accept most dental insurance covers, something they have in common with the excellent

South Peek Dental Care

Dr. Nguyen and Dr. Cheng are two of the most popular dentists in Katy Texas, and their practice is among the very best in the area when it comes to root canals. They are very professional and thorough, and will ensure that no stone is left unturned during the entire procedure, from the tests to the sealing and restoration of the tooth afterwards. As is the case also for the highly rated endodontists over at, they have all angles covered as far as sedation dentistry is concerned and as such the whole process for you will be pain-free and you will be comfortable throughout, and won’t feel woozy or out of it afterwards either.

Village Center Dentistry

Dr. Hoang and her team are yet another to consider when looking for services on root canals in Katy Texas. You can tell she definitely knows her stuff, and with the help of the latest techniques as well as cutting-edge equipment and facilities, your procedure will be comfortable, devoid of any pain or pressure and you won’t have too much discomfort afterwards. As is also the case over at, they also do an excellent job in finishing the procedure, ensuring that the treated tooth is restored brilliantly for a smile you can be proud of.

Morton Ranch Dental

Their endodontists are highly trained and experienced to handle root canals in both children and adults. They are very personable and will talk you through your procedure to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible, and if you have any questions, they will take their time to answer comprehensively. They are yet another practice to consider when looking for such services in Katy Texas.

As ever, the highly rated dental specialists over at are the pick of the bunch when looking for a dentist in Katy Texas who does root canals.